Skill Share @ KZFR's Touch of Chico 2016

Free Skill Share @The Touch of Chico 2016

KZFR is pleased to offer a fascinating schedule of free Skill Share classes at our 15th Annual Touch of Chico. Join us for an afternoon of live music, a wide variety of massage and expand your knowledge by joining a skill share class. Each skill share is being facilitated by a knowledgeable healer/educator who is gifting their time and skills at the The Touch.

Scroll down to see the Noon-6pm schedule and descriptions of each skill share. All are free to attend.

Please, register today by contacting Diane Suzuki at [email protected]

Noon-12:50pm Meditation with Essential Oils - Mikaela Hengst

Essential Oils for Every Body- Harnessing the power of oils to Connect, Balance and Heal- Body Mind and Spirit. Learn to use the gifts of Mother Nature and Science to create a magical and empowering experience for YOU! Mikaela Hengst of BreatheDurham

1-1:50pm How Acupuncture Works with Jennifer Conlin Lac.

Jennifer practices at American Chi Center in Chico. Jennifer will talk about how and why acupuncture works. Included in this session will be what symptoms acupuncture can treat and what she enjoys most treating. She will introduce the topic of how she got into the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the end there will be time for a Q&A.

2-2:50pm pm Sound Healing with Emiliano Jimenez-Cornejo

A native from Jujuy in northern Argentina, Emiliano Jimenez-Cornejo has been residing in Chico since 2012. He has focused his energies on exploring the healing properties of musical instruments such as the Australian Didgeridoo and Crystal Singing Bowls. In the Sound Session he combines music –performed live-, breathing techniques and guided relaxation to reach deep levels of self-awareness. This presentation will be designed to learn about sound as a therapeutic tool, and also a chance to experience the sound. Emiliano will guide attendants through some simple breathing exercises followed by a “sound bath” – performed live by Emiliano. By experiencing the sound first hand, you will be able to understand its power and benefits. 

3-3:50pm 5 Element Exercises and the Practice of Tao Yin

Join Sierra Onnah of Embody Alchemy in a practice of internal alchemy, using qi gong and tao yin exercises. We will practice tao yin, or self massage, using a series of simple techniques to follow the acupressure meridians, or pathways of qi (vital energy moving), using compression, brushing and tapping to open up vitality and flow.  To follow, we will complete a series of exercises in the ancient and traditional 5 element practice. Connect with nature through this this spiraling form of qi gong using the taoist approach to tap into the earth's deep source of rejuvenation for all the organ meridian systems. In this movement mediation, allow yourself to focus on the breath, the weaving together of active and receptive states of being, while balancing and realigning the individual energy field. 

4-4:50pm Aloha Tai chi with Michael Gaughn  

Tai Chi rounded Intro integrating mind, body, spirit. Breath and Intention. Excerpted Yang Family form.  

5-6pm Energy Healing with Kristiana Lopez

Kristi uses  her natural psychic and intuitive ability to connect with her clients in the planetary harmonic field shared by all human beings. This allows her to see her client's mental, physical and spiritual bodies on a collective soul level. This healing perspective allows her to move displaced energy out of the ethereal body field leaving her client's energy liberated and free flowing. Kristiana Lopez of Awakened Yoga

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