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Critters in the Creek Family Adventure Program

Location: Chico Creek Nature Center
    • 9:00am10:30am Saturday, June 15, 2013

    Critters in the Creek Family Adventure Program at the Chico Creek Nature Center

    Saturday, June 15, 9-10:30 AM 

    During the hot Chico summertime, many of us try to beat the heat by going to the creek to cool off. The riparian habitat provides shade and the water is clear and clean. While you are splashing around in the cool water, have you ever wondered what else might be in the creek?

    The Chico Creek Nature Center is proud to present Critters in the Creek, a look at the plants and animals that share this habitat with us. Take a walk through the lush riparian habitat near the creek to learn about its importance to us. You will learn about the predator/prey relationships in the creek and see how the food web works with an interactive game. The next stop in this adventure is Big Chico Creek and you'd better be prepared to get a little wet. We will be catching some of the critters in the creek and then we will head back to Kristie's Nature Lab for a much closer look using hand lenses and microscopes. Come join us for a fun, informative family adventure and beat the summer heat in the creek!

    Contact: 891-4671

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