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Will Durst in Chico!

Location: Chico Women's Club, 592 E 3rd St
  • 7:00pm Friday, December 7, 2012

Will Durst, one of the premier political satirist in the country, comes to Chico to perform a benefit for KZFR Community radio. For tickets click here

You can read the Will Durst Journal here and listen to his most recent podcast

"In his guise as mild mannered political comic and former radio talk show host, Will Durst is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the All-American sport of full body contact bi-partisan bashing. Sworn enemy to all tyrants, foreign and domestic, he abides by the motto: “You can’t make stuff up like this.” A dedicated acolyte in the elusive search for the perfect cheeseburger, Durst lives in San Francisco with his wife Debi, who, alas, is much funnier than he." - from the Huffington Post

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