Playlist by John:D

09:02AM John:D “The Kitchen Sink Theme” from KZFR

09:05AM Adams, Peter Bradley “A Face Like Mine” from A Face Like Mine

09:11AM Mitchell, Joni “Sex Kills” from Unplugged And Jamming 1969-1998

09:15AM Train “Play That Song” from a girl a bottle a boat

09:19AM Colvin, Shawn “Cry Like An Angel” from Philadelphia 1990

09:23AM Lovett, Lyle “Teach Me About Love” from Des Moines 1999

09:27AM Giddens, Rhiannon “We Could Fly” from Freedom Highway

09:34AM Hamilton, Scott & Hamilton, Jeff Trio “Ballad For Very Tired and Very Sad Lotus Eaters” from Live In Bern

09:37AM Zevon, Warren “Reconsider Me” from The Electric Werewolf Strikes Again

09:41AM Welch, Gillian & Rawlings, David “Paper Wings” from Hickory 1997

09:45AM Fearing, Stephen “Love Like Water” from Every Soul's A Sailor

09:50AM Fink, Cathy & Marxer, Marcy “Wings Like an Eagle” from Get Up And Do Right

09:53AM Brother Sun “Highway 4am (Driving)” from Brother Sun

09:58AM Alexander, Joey “Ma Blues” from Discover Motema Music Mixtape

10:07AM Greene, Heather “When You Drive” from Five Dollar Dress

10:11AM Zillanova “The Glasgow Coma Scale” from The Fader EP

10:15AM Wright, Lizz “Somewhere Down The Mystic” from Freedom & Surrender

10:21AM Anderson, Ian “The Habanero Reel” from The Secret Language Of Birds

10:25AM Pentatonix “Misbehavin'” from Pentatonix

10:29AM Lewis, Ramsey “Day Tripper” from Plays The Beatles Songbook

10:32AM Krauss, Alison “Missing You (with John Waite)” from A Hundred Miles Or More~A Collection

10:37AM Roxy Music “Eight Miles High” from Rehersals 1982

10:42AM Thile, Chris & Mehldau, Brad “The Old Shade Tree” from Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau

10:48AM FitzRoy, Izo “Break the Levee” from Skyline

10:52AM Winter, Johnny & Edgar “Soul Man” from Together

10:55AM Climax Blues Band “Hey Mama” from Tightly Knit

10:59AM Superdog “21St Century Schizoid Man” from Superdog (Music By King Crimson)

11:18AM Five Alarm Funk “Power of Funk” from Sweat

11:21AM Raitt, Bonnie & Little Feat “Cold, Cold, Cold” from Rock And Roll Doctor Lowell George Tribute Album

11:26AM Little Feat “Fat Man In The Bathtub” from Raw Tomatos Vol 1

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