July 12, 2017 -- A view from the plaza with Ken Smith, Patrick Newman and Teri Dubose with Kayla Young on her experience being homeless in the plaza.


Views from the Plaza with Ken Smith, staff writer at the Chico News & Review, Patrick Newman with Chico Friends on the Street, Teri Dubose downtown property owner with an interview with Kayla Young a young homeless woman who spends time in the plaza. 

00:00 -- Show introduction and a promotion for a BCOE Round Table fundraiser
01:06 -- The Chico Property-Based Business Improvement District passes along with our view of PBIDS
04:18 -- Kayla Young on being harassed by police in the plaza.
07:11 -- Ken Smith the CN&R who wrote View from the Plaza
09:59 -- Patrick Newman founder of Chico Friends on the Street
17:35 -- Teri Dubose the business owner who started Wednesday lunches.

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