April 19, 2017 -- My Brother's Keeper Thrift Store, Waking the Village Shahera Hyatt (intro), Bridget Alexander Executive Director

The Without a Roof radio program for Wednesday April 19th at 5pm Pacific looks back at five-years of providing a face and voice to poverty, the worst form of violence, with a program entirely centered around Waking the Village, a Sacramento County non-profit serving homeless young adults and their children. It was April, 2012 when I first visited Tubman House to commence a six-week journey of discovery producing Tubman House Magic, a short-film on youth conquering crisis and fulfilling their dreams. Nothing in the five-years since has touched me more deeply, or given me more hope, than Tubman House and Waking the Village.

I'm deeply honored to have Shahera Hyatt, Project Director at the California Homeless Youth Project properly introduce our listening audience to the joy and wonder of Waking the Village. Next is a 7-minute radio edit of Tubman House Magic followed by an interview with is Bridget Alexander Co-founder and Executive Director at Waking the Village. This will be the first time the two of us have spoken since the short-film was published in July, 2012.

00:00 -- Rosie Kuhn, from My Brother's Helper Thrift Store
02:24 -- Show introduction
04:45 -- Shahera Hyatt, sharing her insights and love for Waking the Village
08:01 -- Tubman House Magic, the radio edit Click here for the entire short-film
15:18 -- Bridget Alexander Executive Director at Waking the Village
27:46 -- Underwriter
28:44 -- Tamra Wich'ma for the Disability Action Center Walkman-N-Roll Fundraiser

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