April 6, 2017 -- Student Journalist Bianca Quilantan, Talia's Cuban immigration story, BEC Endangerd Species Faire and Giant Puppets

Youth for Justice on KZFR 90.1 FM​, Thursday April 6th at 6pm Pacific hosted by Guillermo Mash​ and in studio correspondent Mark Alexander with Natalie Carter​ and Kevin Killion​ from Butte Environmental Council with Susan Tchudi puppeteer extraordinaire. We also have my niece Talia with her story of coming to America from Cuba as a child and Bianca Quilanatan a local journalist with The Orion​ and ChicoSol.org​. With musical guest Kay Alba​a aka Happy Growly​ on People Powered Radio!

00:00 -- Show Introduction (partial)
01:36 -- Will Durst Political Comedy
04:07 -- Bianca Quilantan Reporter of the Year @acpress, news editor at the Orion, reporter at @ChicoSolNews Starving Student columnist @chicoer biancaquilan.wordpress.com
13:44 -- Follow-up comments with Mark Alexander, our in studio correspondent
16:32 -- Talia journey to America from Cuba
38:01 -- Underwriter
39:05 -- Follow-up questions with Mark Alexander, our in studio correspondent
41:30 -- Butte Environmental Council (BEC) Endangered Species Faire and giant puppets
            youtube Giant Pupper Montage 

53:18 -- Follow-up comments with Mark Alexander, our in studio correspondent
55:39 -- Jake Ketscher, musical guest. See download links below for Jake's performance and Kay Alba opening Beatle Nation with Rocky Raccoon

Jake >>> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0c-GOL_Qu9ceGRqdEdmcjRWNXc
Kay >>> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0c-GOL_Qu9caGtOZWVfY2pmREk