March 2, 2017 -- BEC Creek Cleanups, Chico State STOP Club, CYC with AMY and The Dam, Musical Guest Kay Alba

Natalie Carter, Executive Director at Butte Environmental Council leads the show with two students from the Chico High School Sustainability Club and with Mark Gailey, a long-time environmentalist volunteer with BEC.

At 6:20 Alex Shannon interviews three students from the Chico State STOP club, who's mission is to stop human trafficking,

At 6:40 Josh Indar interviews Amy, a former foster youth who describes her harrowing experience of rushing back to Butte County at the onset of the Oroville Dam evacuation from a California Youth Connection event in Sacramento she was attending.

We close the show with Kay Alba, aka Happy Growly, our musical guest.

00:00 -- Butte Environmental Council Block-Party Cleanups with Chico H.S. Sustainability Club
05:46 -- Mark Gaily dispatch for the BEC yearly Creek Cleanup
14:20 -- Underwriter
15:21 -- Mark Alexander, Youth for Justice Correspondent comments on the piece (low volume)
17:20 -- Alex Kokkinakis interviews the Chico State STOP Club

31:35 -- Mark Alexander, Youth for Justice Correspondent comments
35:20 -- Underwriter
36:20 -- Josh Indar with Amy and the Dam
52:51 -- Mark Alexander, Youth for Justice Correspondent comments
55:50 -- Musical Guest Kay Alba, aka Happy Growly with I'm So Tired
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