Piano Players

Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio “Blues For Herky” from Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio (1957)

Mulgrew Miller “The Sequel” from The Sequel (2002)

Mulgrew Miller “Pressing the Issue” from Live At Yoshi's, Vol. 1 (2004)

Duke Pearson Trio “Jeannine” from Bag's Groove (1961)

Oscar Peterson Trio “Let There Be Love” from The Legendary Oscar Peterson Trio Live At the Blue Note (1990)

Mal Waldron “Blues In 4x3” from One Entrance Many Exits (1982)

Mal Waldron “Warm Canto” from The Quest (1961)

Bill Evans “Loose Blues” from Loose Blues (1962)

Bill Evans “My Bells” from Loose Blues (1962)

Pat Metheny Trio “The Red One” from Day Trip (2008)

Pat Metheny Unity Band “Come And See” from Unity band (2012)

Andrew Hadro “For Us, the Living” from For Us, the Living (2014)

Theodor Mirisclavos “Images” from Mediterranean (2009)

Erik Friedlander “PEARLS” from Broken Arm Trio (2008)

Billy Ponzio “Tema, Pt. 8” from Metalodrum (2014)

Christos Anestopoulos “Wish You Could Stay...” from Wish You Could Stay... (2014)

Oscar Peterson “Easy Does It” from Night Train (1963)

Oscar Peterson “Band Call” from Night Train (1963)

Oscar Peterson “Pogo” from Vancouver 1958 (1958)

George Russell “Concerto For Billy The Kid” from The Jazz Workshop (1956)

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