All music about time and money play list

Tonight I'll be playing all music about time and money

Time and Money

including Barrett Strong, BB King, The Beatles, Bod Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Canned Heat, The Chambers Brothers, Delbert Mclinton, The Derailers, Diana Krall, Dionne Warwick, Dire Straights, Dr John, Eva Cassidy, Frank Zappa, James Brown. Jim Croce, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Louis Prima, Percy Sledge, The Rolling Stones, Ry Cooder, Sam Cooke, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson and of course some cholo music.

How much is one hour of your time worth to you? Even if you haven’t explicitly answered this question, your behavior every day implies some conversion rate between time and money. And for most people, that conversion rate drastically overvalues money and undervalues time.

The old adage “time is money” is wrong. Time and money are very different. Time is irreplaceable. Money can be accumulated into massive piles and spent whenever you choose, but your stockpile of time is being depleted at a rate of one day per day.  You can always make more money, but you can never get back time. And it’s easy to trade time for money but very hard to do the reverse. So we should have a bias toward favoring time over money.

But the bias almost always goes the other way. We are wired to believe that amassing material possessions is the surest route to happiness, so we spend our time making money. We have a tendency to overfocus on quantifiables like paychecks and expenses, and underfocus on non-quantifiables like friendships and family. We guard against the loss of money, but not against the loss of time, as if the inevitability of time passing makes it worth less rather than more. We say time is precious but we don’t treat it that way.

·  What is the largest amount of money you would pay to be one year younger? One day younger? Is the first number about 365 times the second number?

·  What is the smallest amount of money you would accept to be one year older? One day older? Are your answers about the same as for those in the earlier questions?

·  What is the smallest amount of money (after tax) that you would accept to work for one hour, in a job you don't enjoy, which doesn't help you develop skills or move you in the direction of your dreams?

·  What is the most you would pay someone to do an hour of your errands that you don't enjoy?
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Play list:

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 03/25/2014 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Beatles “You Never Give Me Your Money” from Abbey Road

07:33PM The Guess Who “No Time” from No Time (Single)

07:36PM AL URBAN “Lookin' for Money” from Lookin' for Money (Single)

07:39PM Barrett Strong “MONEY” from MONEY (Single)

07:42PM Canned Heat “Time Was” from Time Was (Single)

07:45PM The Chambers Brothers “Time Has Come Today” from Time Has Come Today (Single)

07:48PM Dionne Warwick “ALL THE TIME” from ALL THE TIME (Single)

07:51PM Delbert McClinton “I Had a Real Good Time” from I Had a Real Good Time (Single)

07:54PM Bob Dylan “Pledging My Time” from Pledging My Time (Single)

07:57PM The Derailers “Just One More Time” from Just One More Time (Single)

08:00PM BB King “Sure Had a Real Good Time” from Sure Had a Real Good Time (Single)

08:03PM Rochelle and the Candels “ONCE UPON A TIME” from Once Upon a Time (Single)

08:06PM Creedence Clearwater Revival “NIGHT TIME IS the RIGHT TIME” from NIGHT TIME IS the RIGHT TIME (Single)

08:09PM Bonnie Raitt “Nick Of Time” from Nick of Time (Single, Rock, 1989)

08:12PM Bessie Smith “Money Blues” from Money Blues (Single)

08:15PM Eva Cassidy “TIME AFTER TIME” from Time After Time (Single, Pop, 2000)

08:18PM Dire Straits “Money For Nothing (Full-length Version)” from Money For Nothing (Full-length Version) (Single)

08:21PM Pink Floyd “TIME” from TIME (Single)

08:24PM Pink Floyd “MONEY” from The Dark Side Of The Moon (Private)

08:30PM Rolling Stones, The “Time is on My Side” from Time is on My Side (Single)

08:33PM Jim Croce “Hey Tomorrow” from Hey Tomorrow (Single)

08:36PM The Hearbreakers “Everytime I See Your Face” from Everytime I See Your Face (Single, 2012) on Rhythm & Blues Classics

08:39PM Gene Chandler “Duke Of Earl (Original Gusto Recording)” from Duke Of Earl (Original Gusto Recording) (Single)

08:42PM Lazy Lester “I NEED MONEY” from I NEED MONEY (Single)

08:45PM Hank Ballard And His Midnighters “Finger Popping Time” from Finger Popping Time (Single)

08:48PM George Carlin “Values” from Values (Single)

08:51PM James Brown “Money Won't Change You” from Money Won't Change You (Single)

08:54PM James Brown “I've Got Money” from I've Got Money (Single)

08:57PM Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee “Why Don't You Do Right” from Why Don't You Do Right (Single)

09:00PM Delbert McClinton “Money Honey” from Money Honey (Single)

09:03PM Randy Newman “It's Money That I Love” from It's Money That I Love (Single)

09:06PM Pozo Seco Singers “Time” from Time (Single)

09:09PM Dr John “Right Place Wrong Time” from Right Place Wrong Time (Single)


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