Mardi Gras Party play list

Mardi Gras time

I'll be playing all Cajun, Zydeco, Creole, and Swamp Pop music from Al Johnson, The Boogie Kings, Buckwheat Zydeco, Carol Fran, Don Rich, Dr John, Fats Domino, Huey Piano Smith, Lazy Lester, Queen Ida and other great musicians from the Louisiana. "LA Sounds" is broadcast live on 90.1 FM Chico, CA and streamed live every Tuesday night 7:30-10:00 PM on

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 03/04/2014 07:30PM to 10:00PM play list:

07:30PM Dr John “Mardi Gras Day” from Mardi Gras Day (Single)

07:33PM Al Johnson “Carnival Time” from Carnival Time (Single)

07:36PM Buckwheat Zydeco “I'm Walking to New Oreleans” from I'm Walking to New Oreleans (Single)

07:39PM Fats Domino “I'M Walkin'” from I'M Walkin' (Single)

07:42PM Zydeco Flames “IKO IKO” from Iko Iko (Single)

07:45PM Van Broussard “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” from Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Single)

07:48PM Queen Ida “C” from C (Single)

07:51PM Queen Ida “Cotton Eyed Joe” from Cotton Eyed Joe (Single)

07:54PM Al Johnson “Lena” from Lena (Single)

07:57PM Irma Thomas “(You Can Have My Husband But) Don't Mess With My Man” from (You Can Have My Husband But) Don't Mess With My Man (Single)

08:00PM Irma Thomas “All My Tears are in Vain” from All My Tears are in Vain (Single)

08:03PM Irma Thomas “I Did My Part” from I Did My Part (Single)

08:06PM Smiley Lewis “I Hear You Kmocking” from I Hear You Kmocking (Single)

08:09PM Rufus Thomas “WALKING THE DOG” from WALKING THE DOG (Single)

08:12PM Paul Simon and Phobe Snow “Take Me tothe Mardi Gras” from Take Me tothe Mardi Gras (Single)

08:15PM Nanci Griffith and Lucinda Williams “It's a Hard Life” from It's a Hard Life (Single)

08:18PM Smiley Lewis “One Night of Sin (1)” from One Night of Sin (1) (Single)

08:21PM Lazy Lester “I Hear You Knockin'” from I Hear You Knockin' (Single)

08:24PM Fats Domino “Ain'T That A Shame” from Ain'T That A Shame (Single)

08:27PM Queen Ida “Mardi Gras!” from Mardi Gras! (Single)

08:30PM Etta James “Born on the Bayou” from Born on the Bayou (Single)

08:33PM Professor Longhair “Going To The Mardi Gras” from Going To The Mardi Gras (Single)

08:36PM Fats Domino & Doug Kershaw “(Don't Mess With) My Toot Toot” from (Don't Mess With) My Toot Toot (Single)

08:39PM Elvis - Presley “King Creole” from King Creole (Single)

08:42PM Doug Kershaw “Jambalaya (On The Bayou) [Live]” from Jambalaya (On The Bayou) [Live] (Single)

08:45PM Saffire and the Uppity Blues Women “Blue Lullaby” from Blue Lullaby (Single)

08:48PM Dr John “Going Back to New Orleans” from Going Back to New Orleans (Single)

08:51PM Doug Kershaw “Diggy Diggy Lo” from Diggy Diggy Lo (Single)

08:54PM The Meters “Fire On The Bayou” from Fire On The Bayou (Single)

09:00PM Silas Hogan “Everybody Needs Somebody” from Everybody Needs Somebody (Single)

09:03PM The Staple Singers “If You're Ready (Come Go With Me) [Single Version]” from If You're Ready (Come Go With Me) [Single Version] (Single)

09:06PM Hank Williams Sr “Hey Good Lookin” from Hey Good Lookin (Single)

09:09PM Don Rich “Gotta Get Home to You” from Gotta Get Home to You (Single)

09:12PM Koko Taylor “Better Watch Your Step” from Better Watch Your Step (Single)

09:15PM Doug Kershaw “Louisiana Man” from Louisiana Man (Single)

09:18PM Hank Williams Sr “JAMbalaya” from Jambalaya (Single)

09:21PM Lazy Lester “Ya Ya” from Ya Ya (Single)

09:24PM Mississippi John Hurt “My Creole Belle” from My Creole Belle (Single)

09:27PM Carol Fran “One More Chance” from One More Chance (Single)

09:30PM Shirley and Lee “LET the GOOD TIMES ROLL” from Let the Good Times Roll (Single)

09:33PM Chris Kenner “I LIKE IT LIKE THAT” from I Like it Like That (Single)

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