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Tonight "LA Sounds" will be all Beatles. It was 50 years ago this week that the Beatles were first on  the Ed Sullivan show that made history with 73 million people watching it on TV. The '60s would not have been the same without the Beatles who changed everything from music to fashion to societal values. I call the Beatles the gods of music and tonight's show will show you why.

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan

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L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 02/04/2014 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Beatles “I feel Fine” from I feel Fine (Single)

07:33PM Beatles “I Me Mine” from I Me Mine (Single)

07:36PM Beatles “All I've Gotta Do” from All I've Gotta Do (Single)

07:39PM Beatles “And I Love Her” from And I Love Her (Single)

07:42PM Beatles “AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING” from And Your Bird Can Sing (Single)

07:45PM Beatles “Anna” from Anna (Single)

07:48PM Beatles “Ask Me Why” from Ask Me Why (Single)

07:51PM Beatles “Dear Prudence” from Dear Prudence (Single)

07:54PM Beatles “DAY TRIPPER” from DAY TRIPPER (Single)

07:57PM Beatles “Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey)” from White Album

08:00PM Beatles “8 Days a Week” from 8 Days a Week (Single)

08:03PM Beatles “Don't Bother Me” from Don't Bother Me (Single)

08:06PM Beatles “DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET?” from Do You Want to Know a Secret? - Single

08:09PM Beatles “Can't Buy Me Love” from Can't Buy Me Love (Single)

08:12PM Beatles “Hey, Bungalow Bill” from Hey, Bungalow Bill (Single)

08:15PM Beatles “Rocky Racoon” from Rocky Racoon (Single)

08:18PM Beatles “Revelution” from Revelution (Single)

08:21PM Beatles “Your Mother Should Know” from Your Mother Should Know (Single)

08:24PM Beatles “Three Cool Cats” from Three Cool Cats (Single)

08:27PM Beatles “Sure to Fall” from Sure to Fall (Single)

08:30PM Beatles “Yes It Is” from Yes it is (Single)

08:33PM Beatles “She Loves You (in German)” from She Loves You (in German) (Single)

08:36PM Beatles “Not Guilty” from Not Guilty (Single)

08:39PM Beatles “If I Fell” from If I Fell (Single)

08:42PM Beatles “To Know Him Is To Love Him” from To Know Him Is To Love Him (Single)

08:45PM Beatles “Crying, Waiting, Hoping” from Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Single)

08:48PM Beatles “Blackbird” from Blackbird (Single)

08:51PM Beatles “She's a Woman” from She's a Woman (Single)

08:54PM Beatles “Oh Darling” from Oh Darling (Single)

08:57PM Beatles “Fixing a Hole” from Fixing a Hole (Single)

09:00PM Beatles “You're Gonna Lose That Girl” from You're Gonna Lose That Girl (Single)

09:03PM Beatles “Flying” from Flying (Single)

09:06PM Beatles “Two of Us” from Two of Us (Single)

09:09PM Beatles “You Know My Number” from You Know My Number (Single)

09:12PM Beatles “Why Don't We Do It in the Road” from Why Don't We Do It in the Road (Single)

09:15PM Beatles “Money” from Money (Single) on polydor

09:18PM Beatles “For You Blue” from For You Blue (Single)

09:21PM Beatles “Don't Let Me Down” from Don't Let Me Down (Single)

09:24PM Beatles “I'll Get You” from I'll Get You (Single)

09:27PM Beatles “I Want to Hold Your Hand (in German)” from I Want to Hold Your Hand (in German) (Single)

09:30PM Beatles “I'm So Tired” from I'm so Tired (Single)

09:33PM Beatles “Think for Yourself” from Think for Yourself (Single)

09:36PM Beatles “I'm Looking Through You” from I'm Looking Through You (Single)

09:39PM Beatles “I'm a Loser” from I'm a Loser (Single)

09:42PM Beatles “The Word” from The Word (Single)

09:45PM Beatles “It's Only Love” from It's Only Love (Single)

09:48PM Beatles “In My Life” from In My Life (Single)

09:51PM Beatles “I Will” from I Will (Single)

09:54PM Beatles “Let It Be” from Let it Be (Single)

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