April 20, 2024

  • 7:30pm by on ( )
  • 7:34pm Wicked World by Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds on That Delicious Vice (ORCHARD - In The Red)
  • 7:38pm What Kind of Monster Are You? by Ex Hex on It's Real / What Kind of Monster Are You? (MERLIN - Merge Records)
  • 7:40pm Big Time Lotto by Choncy on 20X MULTIPLIER (ORCHARD - Feel It Records)
  • 7:43pm Lady in RKO by Archie and the Bunkers on Archie and the Bunkers (Dirty Water Records)
  • 7:45pm by on ( )
  • 7:46pm Your Pretty Fangs by Movie Star Junkies on Your Pretty Fangs (Wild Honey Records)
  • 7:49pm Television Fission by Man or Astro-man? on Experiment Zero (Touch & Go Records)
  • 7:50pm by on ( )
  • 8:00pm Satana by The Vooduo on Ghouls in the Garage (ORCHARD - Necro-Tone Records)
  • 8:03pm Too Late by The Evil Streaks on The Evil Streaks! (ORCHARD - Necro-Tone Records)
  • 8:06pm Bat Attack by The Bitchwaves on Bat Attack!!! (ORCHARD - Heptown Records)
  • 8:08pm Even at My Worst by Las Hormiguitas on Even at My Worst (Las Hormiguitas)
  • 8:09pm Digging My Grave by Wild Evel and the Trashbones on Digging My Grave (Dirty Water Records)
  • 8:12pm The Love Witch by Thee Girl Fridays on The Love Witch EP (Spinout Nuggets)
  • 8:16pm Black Black Magic Magic by Messer Chups on Lost Tracks (BELIEVE - Storage Records)
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  • 8:22pm Sizzle by Screamin' Rebel Angels on Hitch Hike (Screamin' Rebel Angels)
  • 8:25pm Oh My Soul by Screamin' Rebel Angels on Oh My Soul (Screamin' Rebel Angels)
  • 8:27pm Dew Drop Inn by Little Richard Band on California I'm Comin (Hitman Records)
  • 8:30pm Delinquent Beat by Pat Capocci on Delinquent Beat (Pat Capocci)
  • 8:32pm Stomp (feat. Amy Griffin) feat. Amy Griffin by Jittery Jack on Tonight's the Night (Rum Bar Records)
  • 8:35pm Billyclub by Midnight Boppers on Break it Loose (3488584 Records DK)
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  • 8:42pm Synthesize by Pink Stiletto on Synthesize (Pink Stiletto)
  • 8:45pm Freddie Freeloader by Miles Davis on Maîtres de la trompette: 100 Essential Jazz Standards (BELIEVE - Jazzland DZ)
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  • 8:46pm FasterFasterBrighter by Blue Dot Sessions on Ray Catcher (Blue Dot Studios)
  • 8:46pm Are We On Air? by Risk Risk on This Is 1983 (YouTunez.com)
  • 8:50pm Plastic Life by Rubella Ballet on Never Mind The Day-Glo Here's (Overground Records)
  • 8:53pm Black Magic Trouble by Guilty Strangers on Guilty Strangers (Transient Records)
  • 8:56pm Go Die by Tears for the Dying on Go Die (Violet Sounds)
  • 8:58pm by on ( )
  • 8:58pm Demonio-Aves by Malefixio on Culto a Lo Invisible (Fairy Dust Records)
  • 9:02pm by on ( )
  • 9:02pm La Sombra by Malefixio on La Sombra (Malefixio)
  • 9:06pm Slave to the Algorithm by Cult Strange on Conjuring Feral Angels (Bat Cave Productions)
  • 9:10pm Demon Dimension by V.E.X. on Vortex Empath Xen Between Worlds (Bat Noise (Oakland CA.), Bat-Cave Productions (Poland), Psychic Eye (Oakland CA.))
  • 9:14pm by on ( )
  • 9:23pm Blind Eye by Then Comes Silence on Trickery ( )
  • 9:28pm Strange Kicks by Then Comes Silence on Strange Kicks (Nuclear Blast)
  • 9:31pm Draumadís by Kaelan Mikla on Nótt eftir nótt (ORCHARD - Artoffact Records)
  • 9:35pm by on ( )
  • 9:37pm Lip Servant by Propter Hoc on Zodiac Carousel (ORCHARD - Cold Transmission Music)
  • 9:40pm Cruel Machine by The Spiritual Bat on Cruel Machine (Danse Macabre Records)
  • 9:44pm Rotten Mind by Dead Cool on Rotten Mind (Dead Cool)
  • 9:47pm Love Me by Poptone on Poptone (Cleopatra Records)
  • 9:48pm by on ( )
  • 9:53pm Haunting the Haunted by A Million Miles Away on Haunting the Haunted (DISTROKID)
  • 9:59pm by on ( )
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