From Ben Harper to the Zombies on LA Sounds play list

Tonight on “LA Sounds” it'll be Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, Delbert McClinton,  Dinah Washington, Eric Clapton, Freddy Fender, Imelda May, James Brown, Katie Webster, Otis Redding, The Persuasions, The Righteous Brothers, The Doors, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, The Zombies and some cholo and Latin music. Broadcast on 90.1 FM Chico, CA and streamed live every Tuesday night 7:30-10:00  PM on

James Brown

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 11/12/2013 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM James Brown “Just to Hold My Baby's Hand” from Just to Hold My Baby's Hand (Single)

07:33PM James Brown “Just Won't do Right” from Just Won't do Right (Single)

07:36PM James Brown “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE” from Please Please Please (Single)

07:39PM Ben Harper “Be My Guest” from Be My Guest (Single)

07:42PM Cascade Players “Brother Louie” from Brother Louie (Single)

07:45PM Bob Dylan “Soon After Midnight” from Soon After Midnight (Single)

07:48PM Dinah Washingon “Since I Fell for You” from Since I Fell for You (Single)

07:51PM Eric Clapton “PROMISES” from Promises (Single)

07:54PM Eric Clapton “Lay Down Sally” from Lay Down Sally (Single)

07:57PM Etta James “All I Could Do Is Cry (1960 Single)” from All I Could Do Is Cry (1960 Single) (Single)

08:00PM Bob Dylan “Spirit on the Water” from Spirit on the Water (Single)

08:03PM Charles McCollough “MY GIRL” from My Girl (Single)

08:06PM The Dells “Stay In My Corner - Original” from Stay In My Corner - Original (Single)

08:09PM The Diamens “I'll Do Anything” from I'll Do Anything (Single)

08:12PM The Dreamweavers “When We Get Married” from When We Get Married (Single)

08:15PM Etta James “I'D RATHER GO BLIND” from I'd Rather Go Blind (Single)

08:18PM Bette Swann “Make You Yours” from Make You Yours (Single)

08:21PM Delbert McClintin “Lone Star Blues” from Lone Star Blues (Single)

08:24PM Delbert McClintin “Blues About You Baby” from Blues About You Baby (Single)

08:27PM Elvis Preseley “Treat Me Nice” from Treat Me Nice (Single)

08:30PM Desmond Decker “Intensified '68 (Music Like Dirt)” from Intensified '68 (Music Like Dirt) (Single)

08:33PM Johnny Cash “I've Been Everywhere” from I've Been Everywhere (Single)

08:36PM Imelda May “My Babe (Live)” from My Babe (Live) (Single)

08:39PM Imelda May “Bury My Troubles” from Bury My Troubles (Single)

08:42PM Zappa, Frank “Charva” from Charva (Single)

08:45PM Frank Zappa “Later That Night” from Later That Night (Single)

08:48PM Sonora Matancera “Charanga” from Charanga (Single)

08:51PM Henry Gray “How Could You Do It” from How Could You Do It (Single)

08:54PM Gotye “Somebody I Used to Know (Tiesto Mix)” from Somebody I Used to Know (Tiesto Mix) (Single)

08:57PM Freddy Fender “Tu Y Las Nubes” from Tu Y Las Nubes (Single)

09:00PM Claire Lynch “Great Day In the Mornin'” from Great Day In the Mornin' (Single)

09:03PM Frank Zappa “Cradle Rock” from Cradle Rock (Single)

09:06PM The Persuasions “Cupid” from Cupid (Single)

09:09PM Patsy Cline “That's How Much I Love You” from That's How Much I Love You (Single)

09:12PM Lazy Lester “Scratch My Back” from Scratch My Back (Single)

09:15PM Jerry Lee Lewis “Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On” from Sun Records - 60 Years, 60 Singles, Pt. 3 (Blues, 2012) on Sun Records - X5 Music Group

09:17PM Katie Webster “C.Q. Boogie” from C.Q. Boogie (Single)

09:20PM The Olympics “I WIsh I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate” from I WIsh I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate (Single)

09:23PM Marv Johnson “I Love The Way You Love” from I Love The Way You Love (Single)

09:26PM Otis Redding “COME TO ME” from Come to Me (Single)

09:29PM Julie Lee and Her Boyfriends “I Didn't Like it the Frist Time” from I Didn't Like it the Frist Time (Single)

09:32PM Johnny Preston “FEEL SO FINE” from Feel So Fine (Single)

09:35PM The Doors “We Could Be So Good Together” from We Could be So Good Together (Single)

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