Pledge Drive

Treysara “Behind The Moon” from Behind the Moon (2009)

Roy Hargrove “caryisms” from The Vibe (1991)

Lorraine Feather “Where Are My Keys?” from Language (2008)

Marc Johnson “They Love Me Fifteen Away” from Right Brain Patrol (1993)

Mary Stallings “Lullaby Of The Leaves” from live at the village vanguard (2001)

David Liebman “Compared To Who?” from Blues Always (2007)

Giacomo Gates “Gun” from The Revolution Will Be Jazz (The Songs of Gill Scott-Heron)(2011)

Allison Scull and Victor Martin “La Seine” from Cool Like The Breeze (2010)

Chico Hamilton “Thoughts” from The Dealer (1966)

Von Freeman with Chico Freeman “Comes Love” from Live at the Blue Note: 75th Birthday Party (1999)

Sonny Criss “Black Coffee” from This Is Criss! (1966)

Andy Bey “Tuesdays in Chinatown” from Tuesdays In Chinatown (2006)


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