March 11, 2022 Natasha Iskander, Juliette Beck, Pamm Larry

11:30 Does Skill Make us Human? Migrant Workers in 21st Century Qatar and Beyond. Princeton Press, 2022. Urgent Call for Action on Migrant Worker Deaths in the Gulf 

12:00 Juliette Beck, Climate and Social Justice Activist, Candidate for Yolo Co Board of Supervisors. 

12:30 Pamm Larry, Director Butte County Local Food Network

Apology- This archive starts 13 minutes into the first interview w Dr. Iskander. The (corrected) entire broadcast archive will be posted on 3/14. CN

  • 11:49am 'Til Our Beauty Saves the World by Linda Allen on Singing the News (October Rose Productions)
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  • 12:16pm Every Seed by Alice Di Micele on Every Seed We Plant (Alice Di Micele)
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