Bogg tears it up in KZFR studio

 Billie Holiday & Lester Young “Mean to Me” from A Musical Romance (2002)

Mulgrew Miller “Eastern Joy Dance” from Getting to Know You (1995)

Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra “Hittin' The Bottle” from For Dancers Only (1935)

Grant Green “Nomad” from idle moments (1963)

Les Paul “Sleepwalk” from Live At The Iridium (2005)

Kenny Barron “The Wizard” from Spirit Song (2000)

Kenny Barron “Spirit Song” from Spirit Song (2000)

Oliver Nelson “One For Bob” from More Blues and the Abstract Truth (1964)

Oliver Nelson... “Hoe-Down” from The Argo, Vierve and Impulse Big Band Sessions

Bogg “Live set in KZFR studio”

Kenny Barron “Sonja Braga” from Spirit Song (2000)

Kevin Eubanks “Ghost Dog Blues” from The Messenger (2012)

Allison Miller “Six Nettes” from No Morphine, No Lilies (2013)

Sex Mob “Zamparo” from Plays Fellini (2013)

Tina Brooks “Good Old Soul” from True Blue (1960)


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