February 5, 2021 Tracy Butts, Ronda Magnusson, Addison Winslow with host Cory Himp Hunt

The first step to understanding is sitting with and listening to those we seek to understand.
So for this weeks episode of the
"Peace and Social Justice Show"
To nurture our shared understanding, i sat with C.S.U.C. Dean of college humanities and Fine Arts, Former Director of Multicultural and gender studies, Dr. Tracy Butts and the show starts with a discussion around the importance of black history month, ways to celebrate beyond the month and crucial factors to remember when celebrating black history. The session is a lesson we all could use and i hope you are able to check it out and gain sapience.
I was a bit shaken up by some events that had taken place earlier that day including the passing of a local legend, but Dr. Butts was patient and helped make this a conversation im beyond proud to present.
My second and third sessions are in the spirit of the black legacy of America's grapple with civil rights.
A far under realized fact is vagrancy laws(laws that criminalize homelessness)were initial instituted in America directly following the Emancipation proclamation with the vagrancy act of 1866 which allowed forced employment of poverty stricken travelers, which was the state of most black folk migrating from plantations whose bondage they had recently been freed from.
The recent escalation of abuse towards the homeless including the ordinance against "camping" anywhere in city limits is a descendant of the same black codes used to oppress marginalized peoples' in this country for centuries.
A commonly shared flaw contained in those who have hatred toward people without a physical address and those who hate black folks is they don't understand them and subsequently fear them.
a major mechanism for dismantling this flaw, is exposure; sitting and talking with the other.
So days before todays sweep of the triangle, i sat with a woman who was grateful to be sheltering there, with folks she knows have "put hands on her" to keep her secure in the streets. In this session Rhonda shared her perspective on what is causing the growth in the unhoused community in Chico, her experience being unhoused for three years, clarifies some common misconceptions and gives some sage advice around solutions to the issues surrounding people who shelter in the streets.
Lastly i sat with a local activist who grew up in chico and now grapples with how to help his community cultivate it's humanity. Addison Winslow a local socialist-activist who has been following and attempting to affect the local housing crisis, stopped by and shared his observations, thoughts and suggestions around where the city has been headed and what we can personally do to improve the issue with a city council that was voted in to hide it.
For all this and some extra treats..
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Friday Feb 5th 11:30am (this morning)
for this weeks Peace and Social Justice show.
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