November 5, 2020 -- The Triumph of Joy featuring Bill Kurnizki and family with music by Alli Battaglia


An uplifting audio story featuring Bill Kurnizki, aka Mr. Joy, recorded over multiple sessions the last two months. Listeners will hear from each of Bill’s kids separately, as well as a genuine and uplifting interview with Bill and his wife Kim at their kitchen table. All of this woven around Bill’s CHAT - Chico Housing Action Team extended family of CHAT house residents. Listeners will hear a behind the scenes Mr. Joy ride-along on his CHAT house route providing a glimpse of Bill’s joy and care in action. Including stops at a HUSH program and Housing Now house, ending with the gorgeous relationship song Evaporate, written and performed by Alli Battaglia specifically for the 6pm November, 5th The Triumph of Joy special segment on KZFR 90.1 FM.

49:33 -- Alli Battaglia performing Evaporate

33:38 -- Bill and Kim Kurnizki from their home on Carol Avenue

  • 6:56pm Joy to the World by Three Dog Night on Sausage Party (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Universal Music)
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