City Terrace, East LA

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe play list for 9/25/2012 07:30PM to 10:00PM on KZFR Chico 90.1 FM and streamed live on

07:30PM Mongo Santamaria “Cold Sweat” from Cold Sweat (CD, Single, Private)

07:33PM Brother Louie “Louie Louie Louie” from Louie Louie Louie (Single)

07:36PM Cookie and His Cupcakes “Betty and Dupree” from Betty and Dupree (Single)

07:39PM Knight, Gladys & The Pips “i heard it through the grapevine” from i heard it through the grapevine (Single)

07:42PM Wynona Carr “'Til The Well Runs Dry” from 'Til The Well Runs Dry (Single)

07:45PM Marvin Gaye “You're a Wonderful One” from You're a Wonderful One (Single)

07:48PM Don GArdner and Dee Dee Ford “I Need Your Lovin'” from I Need Your Lovin' (Single)

07:51PM The Righteous Brothers “My Babe” from My Babe (Single)

07:54PM Nellie Lutcher “Fine Brown Frame” from Fine Brown Frame (Single)

07:57PM The Fiestas “So Fine” from So Fine (Single)

08:00PM Fats Domino “Honey Chile” from Honey Chile (Single)

08:03PM Etta James “Roll with Me Henry” from Roll with Me Henry (Single)

08:06PM Jimmy Jones “Handy Man” from Handy Man (Single)

08:09PM The Chantels “Every Night” from Every Night (Single)

08:12PM Johnny & Jo “darling” from Darling (Single)

08:15PM Bobby Charles “see you later alligator” from see you later alligator (Single)

08:18PM The Crests “16 Candels” from 16 Candels (Single)

08:21PM Richie Valens “Come on Let's Go” from Come on Let's Go (Single)

08:24PM Bill Haley and the Comets “rock around the clock” from rock around the clock (Single)

08:27PM The Platters “The Great Pretender” from The Great Pretender (Single)

08:30PM Billy Holiday “My Yiddishe Mama” from My Yiddishe Mama (Single)

08:33PM Eartha Kitt “Shalom Aleichem” from Shalom Aleichem (Single)

08:36PM Cab Calloway “Utt Dir Zy” from Utt Dir Zy (Single)

08:39PM Serenade “Tsur Mi Shel” from Tsur Mi Shel (Single)

08:42PM Serenade “Hine Ma Tove” from Hine Ma Tove (Single)

08:45PM Serenade “Ma Navu” from Ma Navu (Single)

08:48PM Serenade “Yerushalauim Zahav” from Yerushalauim Zahav (Single)

08:51PM Serenade “Shel Zahav” from Shel Zahav (Single)

08:54PM Rhoda Bernard “Natan and Rosalie” from Natan and Rosalie (Single)

08:57PM Moise Oysher “Leche Bosorvdogim” from Leche Bosorvdogim (Single)

09:00PM Chris Kenner “I LIKE IT LIKE THAT” from I Like it Like That (Single)

09:03PM Hank Ballard And The Midniters “The Hoochi Choochi Coo” from The Hoochi Choochi Coo (Single)

09:06PM Dee Dee Sharp “Party LIghts” from Party Lights (Single)

09:09PM Ernie Freeman “Raunchy” from Raunchy (Single)

09:12PM Brenton Wood “Lovey Dovey King of Love” from Lovey Dovey King of Love (Single)

09:15PM The Ronnettes “And Then He Kissed Me” from And Then He Kissed Me (Single)

09:18PM Jimmy McCracklin “The Walk” from The Walk (Single)

09:21PM Jimmy Clanton “A Million to One” from A Million to One (Single)

09:24PM Roy Hamilton “Don't Let Go” from Don't Let Go (Single)

09:27PM Big Jay Mcnelly “Decon's Hop” from Decon's Hop (Single)

09:30PM The Beatles “Devil in Her Heart” from Devil in Her Heart (Single)

09:33PM The Beatles “Don't Let Me Down” from Don't Let Me Down (Single)

09:36PM Bob Dylan “"It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry"” from "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry" (Single)

09:39PM Bob Dylan “Watching the River Flow” from Watching the River Flow (Single)

09:42PM The Rolling Stones “Ruby Tuesday” from Ruby Tuesday (Single)

09:45PM Frankie Lyman “Why do Fools Fall in Love” from Why do Fools Fall in Love (Single)

09:48PM Joe Cocker “Feeling Alright” from Feeling Alright (Single)

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