September 21, 2020

  • 6:02am Non Believer by London Grammar on Truth Is a Beautiful Thing (Deluxe) (SME - Ministry of Sound Recordings)
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  • 6:02am Te kam dashur gjithmone by Motrat Abazi on Motrat Abazi - Te kam dashur gjithmone (Vellezerit Abazi)
  • 6:03am (Da Le) Yaleo by Santana on Supernatural (Legacy Edition) (Sony Music)
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  • 6:10am A Warrior's Love Song by Aaron White on Moonlight Love Songs (Canyon Records)
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  • 6:14am I Bring the Moon and the Stars by Aaron White on Moonlight Love Songs (Canyon Records)
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  • 6:19am Flute Song by Marilyn Rife with Alice Gomez on Seasons Of The Drum (80-Minutes of Music/Talking Taco Music)
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  • 6:25am Road Opener by Eric Casillas on Afro-Indio: Native American Flute & African Drum Explorations (80-Minutes of Music/Talking Taco Music)
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  • 6:32am Native Flute Dreaming by Mesa Music Consort on Healing Flutes of the Andes (Native American Flute & Andean Panpipes for Massage, Yoga, Spas & Relaxation) (80-Minutes of Music/Talking Taco Music)
  • 6:34am Leaving the Circle by Kaliga on Drummer's Journey (Oneness Records)
  • 6:36am Chicken Dance by Black Lodge on Watch This Dancer! (Canyon Records)
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  • 6:40am Mi Eje by Femina on Deshice De Mi (Femina)
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  • 6:48am Los Senos by Femina on Deshice De Mi (Femina)
  • 6:53am Interludio 1 by Femina on Deshice De Mi (Femina)
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  • 6:54am No No Keshagesh by Buffy Sainte Marie on 42ème Festival Interceltique de Lorient (Keltia Musique)
  • 6:59am Working For The Government by Buffy Sainte-Marie on Running For The Drum (True North)
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  • 7:03am Easy Like The Snow Falls Down by Buffy Sainte-Marie on Running For The Drum (True North)
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  • 7:07am Northwest Tribal Drums by Drums of the World on World Drums: African, Samba, Taiko, Chinese and Middle Eastern Music (Autum Hill)
  • 7:09am Native American Healing Drums by American Indian Music on Native American Drums (Time Machine Records)
  • 7:11am Like Broken Butterflies by John Trudell on Like Broken Butterflies (JOHN TRUDELL & KWEST)
  • 7:13am La Bamba Mix by La Bamba on Discolandia Mix (Discolandia Dueri & Cia. Ltda.)
  • 7:15am Vida by La Bamba on Super Bailable Vol. 30 (Discolandia Dueri & Cia. Ltda.)
  • 7:17am Soundscapes by Relaxphonic on Relaxing Music: Indian Classical Raga, Traditional Instrumental World Music (Supergreen)
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  • 7:18am Culture of India by Inner Meditation on Hang Drum and Sitar: Yoga Background Music, Relaxing Music from India ( )
  • 7:18am Relax with Drums by Deep Sleeping Music International on Aboriginal Music 2019 - Very Relaxing Hypnotic Sounds and Music for Sleep & Relaxation (Deep Sleeping Music International)
  • 7:19am Relaxation & Healing by Tambor World Collective on 4 Hours of African Music - a Collection of Relaxing Ethnic Music, African Savannah | Relax, Study & Ambience (Equipment Media International)
  • 7:19am Drumming Indian Songs by Indian Vibes Corp & Indian Summer on Indian Vibes 2018 - Relaxing Sitar, Tabla & Bansuri Instrumental Music (Chilling Music International)
  • 7:19am Asian Side by Native American Indian Meditation on Indian Ambient - Native American Drum Meditation Music for Mindfulness (Equilibrium)
  • 7:20am Clean Your Chakras by Pure Awareness on Om Chanting for Yoga: Chant Recitation for Mindfulness (Chilling Music International)
  • 7:20am We Shall Overcome by Nahko and Medicine for the People on HOKA (Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.)
  • 7:26am Evil Ways by Los Lonely Boys on Keep On Giving: Acoustic Live (Playing In Traffic Records)
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  • 7:36am One Monkey by Redbone on The Essential Redbone (SME - Epic/Legacy)
  • 7:40am Clouds In My Sunshine (Album Version) by Redbone on The Essential Redbone (Epic/Legacy)
  • 7:44am Waiting (Live at The Woodstock Music & Art Fair, August 16, 1969) by Santana on Woodstock Saturday August 16, 1969 (SME - Columbia/Legacy)
  • 7:45am School Days by 麻枝准 (まえだ じゅん) on TVアニメ「Angel Beats!」オリジナルサウンドトラック (Aniplex)
  • 7:48am ALie Nation by A Tribe Called Red on ALie Nation (Radicalized Records)
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  • 7:50am Inspiración by Wayra on Meetings with the Great Spirit (Wayra Sanatural)
  • 7:51am How Many More Years by Howlin' Wolf on Amazing Top Hits (Studio Masters Rec.)
  • 7:53am Time Is Coming by Mato Nanji on Time Is Coming (Blues Bureau Int'L)
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