L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 09/18/2012 7:30PM to 10:00PM KZFR Chico 90.1 FM

07:30PM Stevie Wonder “Maybe Your Baby” from Maybe Your Baby (Single)

07:33PM The Silks “My Girl” from My Girl (Single)

07:36PM The Silks “Zorro” from Zorro (Single)

07:39PM Ronnie Cook & The Superbs “Baby Baby all the Time” from Baby Baby all the Time (Single)

07:42PM The Blue Jays “On Lover's Island” from On Lover's Island (Single)

07:45PM Bob & Earl “I'll Keep Running Back” from I'll Keep Running Back (Single)

07:48PM The Penquins “My Senorita” from My Senorita (Single)

07:51PM The Zodiacs “Stay” from Stay (Single)

07:54PM The Olympics “Working Hard” from Working Hard (Single)

07:57PM The Olympics “The Slop” from The Slop (Single)

08:00PM The Olympics “Shimmy Like Kate” from Shimmy Like Kate (Single)

08:03PM BB King & Etta James “There is Something on Your Mind” from There is Something on Your Mind (Single)

08:06PM Malo “suavecito” from suavecito (Single)

08:09PM Malo “Latin Woman” from Latin Woman (Single)

08:12PM Flaco Jimenez & Raul Malo “Seguro Que Hell Yes” from Seguro Que Hell Yes (Single)

08:15PM Flaco Jiminez “De Bolon Pin Pon” from De Bolon Pin Pon (Single)

08:18PM The Temprees “I Love You, You Love Me” from I Love You, You Love Me (Single)

08:21PM The Shells “Baby oh Baby” from Baby oh Baby (Single)

08:24PM Robert & Johnny “Marry Me” from Marry Me (Single)

08:27PM The Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose “Don't Ever be Lonely” from Don't Ever be Lonely (Single)

08:30PM Elmore James “It Hurts Me Too” from It Hurts Me Too (Single)

08:33PM Eve Monsees “Lonely Lonely Nights” from Lonely Lonely Nights (Single)

08:36PM The Jive Five “Begging You Please” from Begging You Please (Single)

08:39PM Frankie and Johnny “My First Love” from My First Love (Single)

08:42PM The Dubs “Be Sure My Love” from Be Sure My Love (Single)

08:45PM The Students “I'm So Young” from I'm So Young (Single)

08:48PM Sam Cooke “Wonderful World” from Wonderful World (Single)

08:51PM Robert & Johnny “I Believe in You” from I Believe in You (Single)

08:54PM Luther Vandross “Killing Me Softly” from Killing Me Softly (Single)

08:57PM The Temprees “Dedicated to the One I Love” from Dedicated to the One I Love (Single)

09:00PM Barbara Mason “Hello Stranger” from Hello Stranger (Single)

09:03PM Brenda Holloway “Every Little Bit Hurts” from Every Little Bit Hurts (Single)

09:06PM Little Anthony And Imperials “Tears on My Pillow” from Tears on My Pillow (Single)

09:09PM Little Anthony and The Imperials “Going Out of My Head” from Going Out of My Head (Single)

09:12PM Minnie Ripperton “Loving You” from Loving You (Single)

09:15PM The Chilites “Have You Seen Her?” from Have You Seen Her? (Single)

09:18PM Marvin Gaye and Mary Wells “once upon a time” from once upon a time (Single)

09:21PM Johnny & Jo “Darling” from Darling (Single)

09:24PM Johnny & Jo “My Baby's Gone” from My Baby's Gone (Single)

09:27PM The Marvelettes “So Long Baby” from So Long Baby (Single)

09:30PM The Paragons “Florence” from Florence (Single)

09:33PM The Premiers “Duffy's Blues” from Duffy's Blues (Single)

09:36PM Sunny and the Sunliners “Sitting in the Park” from Sitting in the Park (Single)

09:39PM Carla Thomas “Darling Baby” from Darling Baby (Single)

09:42PM Gene & Eunice “This is My Story” from This is My Story (Single)

09:45PM The Cleftones “Heart & Soul” from Heart & Soul (Single)

09:48PM Yvonne Carrol “Gee What a Guy” from Gee What a Guy (Single)

09:51PM McKinley Mitchell “The Town I Live In” from The Town I Live In (Single)

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