December 24, 2018

  • 6:02am Drunk On Aluminium by Wintersleep on Welcome to the Night Sky (One Four Seven Records Ltd)
  • 6:06am Roll On Slow by Glen Hansard on Between Two Shores (Anti/Epitaph)
  • 6:09am by on ( )
  • 6:11am Saguaro Sunset by R. Carlos Nakai on Emergence: Songs for the Rainbow World (Canyon Records)
  • 6:12am by on ( )
  • 6:21am O Come All Ye Faithful by Jana on American Indian Christmas (Jana, Inc.)
  • 6:25am Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel by Randy Granger on Winter Colors (Dogsense Music)
  • 6:27am It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Jana on American Indian Christmas (Jana, Inc.)
  • 6:31am by on ( )
  • 6:31am Christmas Time by Keith Secola on Life Is Grand (Akina)
  • 6:34am Huron Carol by The Canadian Tenors on The Perfect Gift (Universal Music Ltd.)
  • 6:39am Greensleeves by John Two-Hawks on Heaven and Nature Sing (The Spirit of Christmas) (Circle Studios Records)
  • 6:40am by on ( )
  • 6:47am Joy to the World by Jana on American Indian Christmas (Jana, Inc.)
  • 6:50am 12 Days of Christmas by Warscout on Red Christmas ( )
  • 6:54am by on ( )
  • 6:56am Hark the Herald Angles Sing by Jana on American Indian Christmas (Jana, Inc.)
  • 6:59am Mistletoe by Warscout on Red Christmas ( )
  • 7:06am God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Robert Mirabal on Pueblo Christmas ( )
  • 7:07am by on ( )
  • 7:13am Sleigh Ride by Warscout on Red Christmas - A Round Dance Christmas Celebration ( )
  • 7:16am Grandma's Navajo Christmas by Todi Neesh Zhee Singers on Navajo Christmas (Canyon Records)
  • 7:20am O' the Christmas Tree! by Randall Paskemin on Christmas Cheer ( )
  • 7:23am by on ( )
  • 7:23am Sagebrush Symphony by Brian Burns on Border Radio (Presidio)
  • 7:23am US 61 (feat. Bongo Straits) feat. Bongo Straits by Billy Proulx on U.S. 61 (Backstop)
  • 7:24am by on ( )
  • 7:26am Boinks And Bops by The Hit Crew on Super Heroes (Turn Up The Music)
  • 7:26am by on ( )
  • 7:27am Chris Pfister by Pornflakes on Pornflakes (Lube Records)
  • 7:27am by on ( )
  • 7:30am 12 Days of Christmas by Warscout on Red Christmas ( )
  • 7:32am Land of Legends by Zero-Project on Echozone presents Mystic Twilight II (Echozone)
  • 7:36am by on ( )
  • 7:41am Hanichap (Healing Peruvian Hymn) by SAVAE on Healing Flutes of the Andes (Native American Flute & Andean Panpipes for Massage, Yoga, Spas & Relaxation) (80-Minutes of Music/Talking Taco Music)
  • 7:45am Oh Senora (16th Century Spanish Polyphony from the Cathedral of Mexico City) by SAVAE on Under One Heaven (50 Tracks of World Religous Music - Choral & Instrumental) (World Music: Spiritual)
  • 7:47am by on ( )
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