May 16, 2018 -- Mark Herrera on his arrest last night at the Chico City Council comment podium followed by a conversation with Patrick Newman and Robert Jones from Chico Friends on the Street as recorded in February

00:00 -- Show Introduction
01:38 -- Mark Herrera on being arrested and spending the night in Butte County Jail while reading his comments from the floor. The interview includes a full reading of what Herrera had intended to say to Chico City Council before he was hauled away in handcuffs about half-way through his speech

Herrera draws a warning from Chico Mayor Sean Morgan at the 1:43 mark after he used the term "human Paraquat". The mayor warned him he was "bordering on a personal attack." Herrera recommences his comments, after a quick back and forth with the mayor, by repeating the same "human Paraquat" line that drew the rebuke. The person who was the intended recipient of this comment was seated in the first row of the Chico City Council chambers and was clearly visible during the entire time that Herrera was at the podium. The Mayor then states his time is finished and calls for the Sergeant at Arms. A human Paraquat per the urban dictionary: An individual who is extremely lame, more so than a human version of a Paraquat. See Paraquat.

Chico City Council Archival Footage at 4 hours, and eight minutes in.

09:25 -- Patrick Newman and Robert Jones discuss Community Court and the othering of those Without a Roof 

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11:12pm, 5-16-2018
The Saints go Marching In drowned out the begining of the show...can you post where it ends and the interview is clear? Thanks
11:46pm, 7-30-2018
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12:32pm, 10-1-2018
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