Guest DJ Big-E brought mad vinyl

with my guest DJ Big-E on the 1s and 2s...

Django Django "Waveforms (Mickey Moonlight Remix)" on Because Music 
Sir Nenis "Freaks (Wolfhaus Remix)" on Trax Records + Top Billin 

Light the way "Glangslap" 
Adrenaline Man "Monkey Drums" 
Christian Varela "unknown (Christian Smith)" on Phonographic 
Hipp-E "Brovas Darkness" on NRK 
Pascal Mollin "The Golden Key" on Touched Rec. 
Taster Peter "Porno Totale (Samuel L. Session Remix)" on Trapez 
Sebrok "Don't Forget To Go Home (Martin Woerner Remix)" on Paso Music 
Christian Cambas "trigger happy" 
Funkagenda "Astana" on Funk Farm 
Ming & FS "Breaker's Revenge" 
The Funklab "All Night" 
Frankie Goes to Hollywood "Relax (Sex Mix)" on UMC 
Eon "Fear" 
A Split-Second "Collosseum Crash" 
Freaky Chakra "Peace Fixation (Single Cell Orchestra remix)" on Astralwerks 
Jamie Jupitor "Computer Power" 
Boris Brejcha "Schwartzes Gold" on Autist 
Robber & Bandit "Russian Panther" on OTON RECORDS 
Vandal "Obey (Dexter Remix)" on Lot49 
John Tejada "Orbiter" on Kompakt 
Nine Inch Nails "Beside You In Time" on Nothing 
Nadia Ali "Rapture (Avicii New Generation Remix)" on Euphoria 
Jobe "The Truth" 
Simon "Free at Last" 
David Ian Xtravaganza "Elements of Vogue" on Golden Goose 
Bingo Players "Lame Brained" on Hysteria

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12:00am, 6-24-2018
12:00am, 6-24-2018
10:00pm, 6-23-2018
5:00pm, 6-23-2018