Ask Dr. Gayle

Ask Dr. Gayle

Inspired by the “Ask Dr. Gayle” column in the Lotus Guide magazine, Gayle Kimball responds to your questions and observations, interviewing a changing panel of experts. 

Dr. Gayle invites your suggestions for discussion topics and feedback about shows, including ones in the archive that began on February 9, 2017. Email [email protected] to suggest future topics and give feedback.

"Surviving in a Hostile Environment"  - In an Ask Dr. Gayle interview Amasha describes how she copes being one of the 2% of African American students in a California university (along with a Chicano convict) about surviving in a hostile environment. Watch the interview. (May 2017)

*“Ask Dr. Gayle” is on the 2nd Thursday of each month & alternates with these programs: Butte Views & Beyond, The Doctor's In, Youth for Justice & A Classical Stroll