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Ray Laager | KZFR 90.1 FM CHICO
Ray Laager
Underwriting Director
Programmer for 'Facets Of Jazz' & 'Playing Dead'. Also Underwriting Director for KZFR

"My involvement in radio began as a Freshman at William Penn College in 1972, first as a DJ, then as Music Director in the small Iowa town of Oskaloosa. In 1991 we were looking at moving to Chico from Sonoma County, and one morning stumbled upon KZFR and heard Kosmic Kev talk about the new film ‘JKF’. After his analysis I to turned to my wife and said, "I think we can live here". I’ve been involved with KZFR for over 20 years. I expanded my love for jazz while living in the Bay thanks to KJAZ. During the Spring Pledge Drive of 1998 I volunteered to answer phones for "Facets of Jazz" and soon after became a sub thanks to the encouragement of Lisa Boyd. Being a lifelong 'Deadhead" and having attended over 200 Grateful Dead concerts, I began covering some the spots on "Playing Dead" and not long afterward worked into the regular rotation. It is a pleasure to being able to share my passion for this music with others and I am eternally grateful. 'You make my life so sweet.'"