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Jake Sprecher | KZFR 90.1 FM CHICO
Jake Sprecher
"My first exposure to KZFR came as a student delivering pizza for Woodstock's, around 2004. My buddy Bill Parnell had a midnight - 2am slot called Post-College Radio, and I'd come up to hang out. Then I started listening to Blues Bayou while I was delivering, and before long I was signed up for orientation. My first show was a midnight Tuesday slot called On the Contrary, which was a mixed bag of rock and soul. I had that for a couple years, and then subbed off and on for quite a while, guesting on the Random Pick a lot. I definitely honed many aspects of being on the air sitting across from Jeffrey. Then in 2012, I started working part-time on the KZFR staff, and continued doing so through 2018. In that same span of time I hosted Say Hey!, KZFR's first sports talk show, before moving on to The Fun House, which I currently co-host with the great Jim Howell. I also just recently joined the rotation for It's Just Jazz with Steve and Lisa. After close to 20 years in Chico's music scene, I can't really imagine my life, professionally or otherwise, without KZFR. It's a very, very special place, and I'm eternally grateful for its place in our community. "