Free Skill Share at The Touch

Touch of Chico 2019 Skill Share Presentations

Thanks to all the talented teachers and healers we have a fascinating Skill Share schedule for you this year at KZFR's 18th annual Touch of Chico on Sunday, Sept 29th.

To secure your seat, please, register today by contacting Diana at All presentations are free to attend. 

Noon: "Meditation" with Justin Ferrin

In this presentation we will cover the benefits of meditation, several forms of meditation, how to meditate followed by a guided meditation. Ultimately, all healing begins within. In my life I’ve found the inward journey of meditation to be crucial to improving my well being. Both ancient scripture and modern research extol the benefits of regular meditation. From its ancient origins to the present day, meditation is perhaps the best researched, most documented and effective treatment for whatever ails you. Justin Ferrin, is a student and practitioner of yoga along with reiki and several other energetic practices. His healing journey started in his mid 20’s as a way to overcome addiction and severe depression. It's now his goal to share what helped him to aid others in their healing. 

1pm: "Depth Yoga Talk" with Steven West

This talk will focus on how depth yoga includes basic principles of Ayurvedic medicine. The definition of yoga is unification of cosmic self and individual self. Ayurveda supports the physiology through diet, herbs, and deep cleansing, as well as rejuvenation. With blockages removed, the cosmic self can then emerge.

2pm: "Tibetan Cranial Therapy" with Robert Helliesen

Based on a series of sophisticated hand movements and pulse readings Tibetan Cranial Therapy offers a chance to do more than unwind.  Nearly lost to this world forever, TC was kept alive in its purity by the efforts of one woman. Combining spiritual practice, healing touch and Mantra, Tibetan Cranial has the capability to produce dramatic change. Recipients of the work often report transformation on many levels; physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

3pm: "Maintaining the Energy of Your Soul" with Annie Fuller

Annie will share knowledge about the human soul. She'll talk about energy - both refined and heavy - and how it affects our individual "soulscapes." Learn simple, user friendly ways of cleansing and maintaining the energy of your soul. It's important. The landscape of our soul affects our entire human experience. Annie Fuller is an International Spiritual Healer/Teacher. Recently relocated to Chico after the Camp Fire, Annie sees clients of all ages for Healing Ceremonies and offers workshops on Shamanism, Spiritual Healing, and Andean Mysticism. She is currently writing a book called, The Soul, Bridge Between Spirit and Human. Explore her website

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