BOD Agenda - July 9, 2019

Golden Valley Community Broadcasters, Inc.

KZFR Community Radio Board of Directors

July 9, 2019



Board Meeting Date:              July 9, 2019   

Location:                                 Room 416

Commencement Time:            6:00 pm


Estimated Time

1.       Meeting Opening

1.1  Call to Order

1.2  Amend/Approve Agenda

1.3  Previous Minutes

2.       Announcements/Reports

2.1   Announcements

          2.2.1   Open

2.2   Staff Reports

          2.2.1   GM Report Rick

          2.2.2   Office Manager Report (including Tech) - Grant

          2.2.3   Underwriting Report - Ray

2.3   Treasurer’s Report – Jim

2.4   Committee Reports

          2.5.1   Programming Committee

          2.5.2   Fundraising Committee

                     Board Sign Ups to Conclude Spr Pledge Drive

3.       Matters for Discussion

3.1  Google Drive Workshop

3.2  Community Outreach for BOD and Program Committee and Program Creation

3.3  New Programmer Orientations – qualified lead

3.4  Agenda Template

3.5  Monthly stipend for Treasurer Position

4.       Action Items


5.       Meeting Finalization

5.1  Review actions to be taken

5.2  Items for August Agenda

5.3  Meeting close

6.      Closed Session (if necessary)


We love to play unique music especially from local bands. Submit your music for consideration!
6:52pm, 9-21-2023
No worries! You can listen to your favorite shows in our Archive any time you want for 2 weeks after the original air date.
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3:50pm, 9-21-2023
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