Camp Fire Relief Telethon

An all-day, in-person & online, live recorded event for those displaced by the Camp Fire. Top Chico acts performing for the Chico community...and the world!

Saturday, December 29th 2-11pm Chico Women's Club. KZFR volunteers will be staffing the Bar. Offering wine and Sierra Nevada Brewery ales for purchase.

Event details and Ticket Info Here

Bands Include:

Lillie Lemon

Big Mo

Black Fong



Chuck Eperson

Ava Moon

Aaron "One Up" Stroh

Big Slim

Seletor Tali One

Two Poseys

and more

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Fri, Jan 25th @ Chico Women's Club ~ performances by Desiree Dallagaicomo, Erin Lizardo, The Moes Family Band & Good Vibes Dance Tribe.
9:45am, 1-17-2019
Friday, January 25th at 7:30-9 pm Chico Peace & Justice Center Broadway.
10:26am, 1-15-2019
Fri, 2/1 featuring Joe Craven, Alex deGrassi and Laurie Lewis with Nina Gerber!
Fri, 1/18 Benefit concert for the Camp Fire Relief funds at Chico Women's Club.
Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 2:30pm with a Rally at Chico City Plaza, followed by a March through downtown led by the children with their banners and posters.
8:38am, 1-4-2019