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KZFR presents Darrell Scott

Location: Chico Women's Club
    • 7:15pm Tuesday, November 13, 2018

    A portion of this show's proceeds will be donated to the North Valley Community Foundation Camp Fire Relocation Relief Fund

    We will be gathering clothes, blankets, toys for kids etc at this event. Please, bring something to contribute to the families effected by the #Campfire and we will take all items to a local shelter.

    The club's Steinway piano will be available for Darrell Scott. This will be a special night, don't miss it. 

    Doors at 7:15 Show at 8:00pm $40 Advance tickets available at Chico Paper Co. on Broadway, Blaze N' J's on West 9th St and the KZFR Office or by CLICKING HERE 

    In his own words...

    blame it on the sound of putting my ear to the shoulder
    of my dads 50s gibson acoustic guitar when i was 4-
    i heard the vibration in the wood in my ear on my face 
    it wasnt what i played  i couldnt play (but, i could play)
    and i was transported by the s o u n d
    and how it made me feel  how it took my attention
    and dropped it right into that magic box
    it vibrated ME  it was a perfectly private moment
    . try it sometime


    i have over 80 instruments each with a different voice
    the discovery is to find the hidden voice in any instrument
    how it wants to be treated coaxed thrashed touched so it may speak
    -it will inform in how best to find the voice from this otherwise silent thing

    the same is true for the voice inside me (us)
    it is down inside there a sound a feeling a comfort a cry a joy
    -my voice informs me how to sing i dont tell it how to sing
    i do not train my voice  no, at my best
    i give voice to what is inside
    (i really know no other way)

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