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KZFR Fall 2017 Pledge Drive

Location: Northern California
  • 6:00am Wednesday, October 25, 201711:00pm Friday, November 3, 2017

Your Pledge Matters!

The airwaves belong to the people. KZFR's job is to play, to speak, to do the things that the mainstream cooperate media doesn't, to be part of the community we serve, your community. KZFR gives a voice and provides a platform to the under-severed communities in our region, communities commercial media ignores. KZFR is different and we're proud of that. If you find a lot of sameness up and down the dial, if you crave something completely unique then KZFR is for you.

KZFR exists only so long as the people who choose to listen also choose to support it. That's how we remain independent. You know the importance of keeping community radio alive & the importance of keeping the community voice strong. We appreciate your support!

Phone Volunteers Needed...

We'll need folks to help answer the phones and take pledges. If you're interested in volunteering for 2 hours, please contact Leah ( for details. Thank you!

More info will be posted here soon on the fall 2017 Thank You Gifts you'll be able to choose from when you call in to pledge your support.

Stay Tuned to 90.1 FM for updates.

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