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KZFR Spring 2017 Pledge Drive

Location: Northern Hemisphere Earth 3rd rock from Sol
  • 7:00am Wednesday, April 26, 201710:00pm Friday, May 5, 2017

Help Us Reach Our Goal By Friday!

KZFR's funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is being threatened by budget cuts in Washington which makes a successful Pledge Drive more important then ever. 

Please, call (530) 895-0131 now and pledge!

The airwaves belong to the people! 

Your Pledge REALLY Matters - Please, call (530) 895.0131 Today

KZFR's job is to play, to speak, to do the things that the mainstream cooperate media doesn't, to be part of the community we serve, your community. KZFR gives a voice and provides a platform to the under-severed communities in our region, communities commercial media ignores.

KZFR is different and we're proud of that. We're homemade, home-crafted, home-grown. We come form the communities we serve and we serve the communities we come form. If you find a lot of sameness up and down the dial, if you crave something completely unique then KZFR is for you.

Your Pledge Matters - Please, call (530) 895.0131 Today! 

Our Spring 2017 Pledge Drive - Wed, April 26th-Fri, May 5th

You know the importance of keeping community radio alive & the importance of keeping the community voice strong. KZFR exists only so long as the people who choose to listen also choose to support it. That's how we remain independent. Keep your favorite music, progressive news, public affairs and kids programs on the air. Support unique programming you won't find on corporate owned media. Pledge today!

Tune in 90.1 FM or stream us worldwide by clicking the LISTEN button above to hear the special programs we have planned and about the cool Thank You Gifts you can choose from when you call (530) 895.0131 to pledge your support.

YES! Thank You Gifts!

Because we appreciate your support we have gathered cool Thank You Gifts... A new "Zephyr" shirt, a new Democracy Now shirt, a new cap plus tickets to live shows, festival passes and more! Stay tuned for details.

"Community radio is important because it prevents homogenization of our community. Diversity should be acknowledged and celebrated and KZFR can be a platform for the celebration. Whether we present music and art or news and information, if it comes from local individuals from all walks of life then we are promoting our diversity and building a better community. " ~ Tom Leonardi, American Pastimes Co-Host and KZFR Board Chair

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