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Film & Discusison Evening

Location: Paradise Center for Tolerance and Nonviolence
  • 7:00pm Tuesday, March 12, 201310:00pm Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paradise Center for Tolerance and Nonviolence
hosts a Film & Discussion Evening

Tuesday, March 12,  2013
“A Class Divided”
7:00pm    Paradise Library Conference Room, 5922 Clark Rd
Contact:  Sue Bordelon  877-1856

An Iowa teacher gave her third grade students a lesson on the meaning of discrimination on the day after Martin Luther King was murdered.  Her experimental idea was to divide the class by eye color and base the discrimination lesson on the different treatment of students with different eye color.  All of the students admited this is wrong.  The students are now adults and there is footage showing how the experiment changed their lives.   Discussion let by Valerie Singleton, MA & CSUChico lecturer.

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