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Delhi 2 Dublin - Live Broadcast

Location: KZFR 90.1 FM
  • 6:00pm Saturday, November 3, 2012
D2D plays the Sierra Nevada Big Room in Chico, CA. KZFR will be broadcasting this SOLD OUT show live! Tune in 90.1 FM to enjoy the whole show!

“The highlight of the night was a performance by a group called Delhi 2 Dublin Imagine the energy and cultural fervor of a huge Indian wedding party colliding with a bunch of drunken Irishmen dancing on a wooden table with fiddles! Delhi 2 Dublin has created their own niche at the intersection of gritty hip hop and electronic beats, traditional Indian influences and that raw Celtic
sound that packs a punch – all of which make you want to get up and dance.” — Evolving Music.
“They get an “A” for effort, and an “A+” for originality. It would be wacky enough if they just fused traditional Celtic music with Bhangra, a style of folk music from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. But no! These crazy kids—who are from Vancouver, of all places—decided to throw a little hip-hop, rock, reggae, dub and electronica into the mix, too. The results sound sort of the “Lord of the Dance” soundtrack as performed by Asian Dub Foundation and remixed by Fatboy Slim. Did that last sentence make any sense to you at all? Then we may have just found you your new favorite band!” —
3:19am, 8-19-2017
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