Imagine John Lennon Playlist

Imagine John Lennon
It will be 32 years ago on Dec 8th that John Lennon was killed in front of his home in New York  City. Tonight I'll celebrate his life by playing some of his music (with and without the Beatles) that I liked the best. 

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 12/04/2012 07:30PM to 10:00PM


07:30PM John Lennon “well well well” from Well Well Well (Single)

07:33PM John Lennon “My Mommies Dead” from My Mommies Dead (Single)

07:36PM The Beatles “Oh Darlin” from Oh Darlin (Single)

07:39PM The Beatles “RAIN” from RAIN (Single)

07:42PM The Beatles “Baby's in Black” from Baby's in Black (Single)

07:45PM The Beatles “Fixing a Hole” from Fixing a Hole (Single)

07:48PM The Beatles “Twist & Shout” from Twist & Shout (Single)

07:51PM The Beatles “Mr Moonlight” from Mr Moonlight (Single)

07:54PM The Beatles “If I Fell” from If I Fell (Single)

07:57PM The Beatles “Girl” from Girl (Single)

08:00PM The Beatles “Everybody's Got Something to Hide” from Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Single)

08:03PM John Lennon “Ain'T That A Shame” from Ain'T That A Shame (Single)

08:06PM The Beatles “A Day in the Life” from A Day in the Life (Single)

08:09PM The Beatles “You're Gonna Lose that Girl” from You're Gonna Lose that Girl (Single)

08:12PM The Beatles “When I Get Home” from When I Get Home (Single)

08:15PM The Beatles “The Word” from The Word (Single)

08:18PM The Beatles “The Night Before” from The Night Before (Single)

08:21PM The Beatles “Help” from Help (Single)

08:24PM The Beatles “Tell Me Why” from Tell Me Why (Single)

08:27PM John Lennon “Mother” from Mother (Single)

08:30PM The Beatles “Slow Down” from Slow Down (Single)

08:33PM The Beatles “Little Child” from Little Child (Single)

08:36PM The Beatles “It Won't Be Long” from It Won't Be Long (Single)

08:39PM The Beatles “Hey Jude” from Hey Jude (Single)

08:42PM The Beatles “In My Life” from In My Life (Single)

08:45PM The Beatles “I'm So Tired” from I'm So Tired (Single)

08:48PM The Beatles “I'll Get You” from I'll Get You (Single)

08:51PM The Beatles “I Want to Tell You” from I Want to Tell You (Single)

08:54PM The Beatles “I Want to Hold Your Hand” from I Want to Hold Your Hand (Single)

09:00PM The Beatles “I Wanna be Your Man” from I Wanna Be Your Man (Single)

09:03PM The Beatles “I Should Have Known Better” from I Should Have Known Better (Single)

09:06PM The Beatles “I Need You” from I Need You (Single)

09:09PM The Beatles “Got to Admit It's Getting Better” from Got to Admit It's Getting Better (Single)

09:12PM The Beatles “From Me to You” from From Me to You (Single)

09:15PM The Beatles “Drive My Car” from Drive My Car (Single)

09:18PM The Beatles “Devil in Her Heart” from Devil in Her Heart (Single)

09:21PM The Beatles “I'm a Loser” from I'm a Loser (Single)

09:24PM The Beatles “I'm Happy Just to Dance with You” from I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (Single)

09:27PM The Beatles “I Call Your Name” from I Call Your Name (Single)

09:30PM The Beatles “All You Need is Love” from All You Need is Love (Single)

09:33PM The Beatles “It's Only Love” from It's Only Love (Single)

09:36PM The Beatles “It's All Too Much” from It's All Too Much (Single)

09:39PM The Beatles “I Saw Her Standing There” from I Saw Her Standing There (Single)

09:42PM The Beatles “And Your Bird Can Sing” from And Your Bird Can Sing (Single)

09:45PM John Lennon “Just Give Me Some Truth” from Just Give Me Some Truth (Single)

09:48PM John Lennon “Imagine” from Imagine (CD, Single, 1971) on capitol

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