Carla, Arthur & Keith

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band “Dipper Mouth Blues” from Dipper Mouth Blues single (1923)

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band “Chimes Blues” from Chimes Blues single (1923)

Gary Burton “Grave Train” from A Geniune Tong Funeral (1967)

Arthur Blythe “Night Creeper” from Focus (2002)

Miles Davis Quintet “Eighty-one” from E.S.P. (1965)

Keith Jarrett “Part II B” from The Köln Concert (1975)

Carla Bley “On The Stage In Cages” from Big Band Theory (1993)

Keith Jarrett “Part II C” from The Köln Concert (1975)

Arthur Blythe “Hip Toe” from Focus (2002)

Arthur Blythe “And One” from Blythe Byte (2001)

Keith Jarrett Quartet “Conclusion” from The Survivor's Suite (1976)

Keith Jarrett's Standard Trio “You've Changed” from The Out-Of-Towners (2004)

Carla Bley “Utviklingssang” from 4 x 4 (2000)

Arthur Blythe “My Son Ra” from Focus (2002)

Arthur Blythe “Lenox Ave Breakdown” from Lenox Ave Breakdown (1979)


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