Dave Elke and John Scofield

John Scofield “Don't Shoot The Messenger” from Hand Jive (1994)

John Scofield “A Go Go” from A Go Go (1998)

John Scofield “Do Like Eddie” from Hand Jive (1994)

John Scofield “Every Night Is Ladies' Night” from Up All Night (2003)

John Scofield “Mrs. Scofield's Waltz” from Works for Me (2001)

John Scofield “I'll Take Les” from Hand Jive (1994)

Dave Elke “Madara” from Unreleased

Dave Elke “Charade” from Unreleased

Dave Elke “Love On A Two-way Streeet” from Unreleased

Dave Elke “See You The Way I Do” from Unreleased

Dave Elke “Softy As In A Morning Sunrise” from Unreleased

Dave Elke “Let The Music Take Your Mind” from Unreleased

Don Sickler Quintet “Politely” from Reflections (2002)

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