March 8, 2024

  • 9:06am Brass Buttons by Blue Dot Sessions on Nursery (Blue Dot Studios)
  • 9:06am by on ( )
  • 9:11am Recuerdos de Ypacaraí by Ainda on Uno (MERLIN - Ainda)
  • 9:15am by on ( )
  • 9:15am Yo Pisaré las Calles Nuevamente (En Vivo) by Pablo Milanés on En Vivo en Argentina, Vol. 2 (Alfiz)
  • 9:18am by on ( )
  • 9:18am Por Qué Me Fui A Enamorar de Ti by Mon Laferte on Baño relajante (UMG - UMG Recordings, Inc.)
  • 9:23am Rainha Negra by Marina Iris on Marina Iris (Marina Iris)
  • 9:27am El Día Que Yo Me Muera (Acústico) by Rozalén on El Día Que Yo Me Muera (SME - Sony Music Entertainment)
  • 9:31am Child by RK on Child (RK)
  • 9:31am Cumbia Palestina by Orkesta Popular San Bomba on El Sol Sale Para Todes (La Flota)
  • 9:35am by on ( )
  • 9:35am Ramo de Rosas by Los Pakines on Los Pakines (ORCHARD - Infopesa)
  • 9:38am Cumbia de los Pajaritos by Los Mirlos on Cumbias Chichadelicas: Peruvian Psychedelic Chicha (Infopesa)
  • 9:41am Ritmos Negros by Novalima on Afro (MERLIN - WONDERWHEEL RECORDINGS)
  • 9:45am La Mimosa by Charanga Cakewalk on Chicano Zen (MERLIN - Vanguard)
  • 9:50am Amor Bonito by QUITAPENAS on .. A Toda Máquina..!! (MU&IGRAND Stereo)
  • 9:53am Maldita Dulzura by Vetusta Morla on Mapas (SME - Pequeño Salto Mortal)
  • 9:57am Canción Por La Unidad Latinoamericana by Pablo Milanés on La Vida No Vale Nada (UMG - Universal Music Spain S.L.)
  • 10:01am by on ( )
  • 10:14am Nordnorsk julesalme by Pust on Julero (ORCHARD - Kirkelig Kulturverksted)
  • 10:17am Innocent by Pust on Femkant (ORCHARD - Musikkoperatørene)
  • 10:22am Maakillinen voima by Pauanne on Pauanne (Nordic Notes)
  • 10:23am by on ( )
  • 10:26am Inoque by Annbjørg Lien on Baba Yaga (ORCHARD - Grappa)
  • 10:31am Käppee by Värttinä on Ilmatar (SME - RCA Records Label)
  • 10:33am Agapimene by Ale Möller Band on Argai (Playground Music)
  • 10:36am by on ( )
  • 10:36am Recuerdos de Ypacaraí by Ainda on Uno (MERLIN - Ainda)
  • 10:36am Àja by Annbjørg Lien on Baba Yaga (ORCHARD - Grappa)
  • 10:43am Mit hjerte altid vanker by Bukkene Bruse on Spel (ORCHARD - Heilo)
  • 10:49am by on ( )
  • 10:54am Kärleksvalsen by Ale Möller Band on Argai (Playground Music)
  • 10:58am by on ( )
  • 11:09am Rue Severine by Blue Dot Sessions on The Sweet Hots (Blue Dot Studios)
  • 11:09am by on ( )
  • 11:19am Lovely Armoy by Nuala Kennedy on Behave the Bravest (Under the Arch Records)
  • 11:24am by on ( )
  • 11:25am Spoken Introduction (Live) by Kevin Burke on An Evening with Kevin Burke (Loftus Music)
  • 11:28am Maika'i Ka Makani O Kohala by Ozzie Kotani on Kani Ki Ho'alu (Windham Hill Records)
  • 11:28am by on ( )
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