February 21, 2024

  • 9:04am Brass Buttons by Blue Dot Sessions on Nursery (Blue Dot Studios)
  • 9:05am by on ( )
  • 9:08am A Rainy Night in Soho by Damien Dempsey on Union (Deluxe) (SME - Sony Music Ireland)
  • 9:14am by on ( )
  • 9:16am The Boyne Water by Martin Hayes/The Common Ground Ensemble on Peggy's Dream (251)
  • 9:18am by on ( )
  • 9:20am Swallow by Grada on Endeavour (Compass Records)
  • 9:23am Contentment Is Wealth, Have A Drink With Me by Patrick Street on Patrick Street (ORCHARD - Green Linnet)
  • 9:28am by on ( )
  • 9:31am Farewell to Stromness by Éamonn Coyne on Storymap (MERLIN - Reveal Records)
  • 9:35am Maid of Selma/Rose in the Heather/DGaF (jigs) by Matt & Shannon Heaton on Whirring Wings (Eats Records)
  • 9:40am by on ( )
  • 9:43am In the Garden by Van Morrison on No Guru, No Method, No Teacher (SME - Legacy Recordings)
  • 9:48am by on ( )
  • 9:49am Susan's Garden March / Summer Rain by Lissa Schneckenburger on Falling Forward (Footprint Records)
  • 9:52am There Were Twa Bonie Maidens by Old Blind Dogs on Legacy (Lochshore)
  • 9:56am by on ( )
  • 9:59am Rue Severine by Blue Dot Sessions on The Sweet Hots (Blue Dot Studios)
  • 9:59am by on ( )
  • 10:16am Lucy's Fling/S'iomadh Rud A Chunnaic Mi/Some Say The Devil Is Dead by Kevin Burke and Mícheál O'Domhnaill on Portland (ORCHARD - Green Linnet)
  • 10:21am by on ( )
  • 10:21am Suite Breton: Stajerien Chapel Nevez / Ridée / Ridée Pour Jean-Michel Veillon by Old Blind Dogs on Knucklehead Circus ( )
  • 10:25am by on ( )
  • 10:26am Barely Holding (Live at the Fox Den) (Live) by Jimbo Scott on Barely Holding (Live at the Fox Den) (Live) (Rio Oso Records)
  • 10:30am by on ( )
  • 10:41am Little Sparrow by John Doyle on Shadow and Light (Compass Records)
  • 10:45am by on ( )
  • 10:46am Howl at the Moon by The Rough & Tumble on Howl at the Moon (The Rough & Tumble)
  • 10:47am Baggage by The Rough & Tumble on We Made Ourselves a Home When We Didn't Know (The Rough & Tumble)
  • 10:48am by on ( )
  • 10:49am Ain't That the Way by The Rough & Tumble on Only This Far (DISTROKID)
  • 10:50am by on ( )
  • 10:52am Lark on the Strand by Dervish on Midsummer's Night (Dervish)
  • 10:58am by on ( )
  • 11:01am Morning Love by Eamonn Flynn on Black Coddle (Anam Productions)
  • 11:06am Éiníní (Little Birds) by THE ALT on Day is Come (Under the Arch Records)
  • 11:11am by on ( )
  • 11:17am The Butlers Of Glen Avenue/Sliabh Russell/Cathal McConnell's by Lúnasa on Otherworld (Green Linnet)
  • 11:18am by on ( )
  • 11:18am Apache by Tim Kliphuis on Live at Antonello Hall (Lowland Records)
  • 11:23am by on ( )
  • 11:23am Rathlin Island by Sharon Shannon on The Sharon Shannon Collection 1990-2005 (UMG - RMG Digital Ltd)
  • 11:25am Tom Morrison's/The Beare Island Reel/George White's Favourite/Dipping The Sheep by Kevin Burke and Mícheál O'Domhnaill on Portland (ORCHARD - Green Linnet)
  • 11:29am by on ( )
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