June 1, 2023

  • 10:00pm by on ( )
  • 10:00pm Sounds of Redemption by Andre Bisson on The Ballad of Lucy Stone (André Bisson)
  • 10:05pm Loose with the Truth (feat. Johnny Burgin) by Mike Bourne Band on Cruisin' Kansas City (ORCHARD - Blue Heart Records)
  • 10:10pm by on ( )
  • 10:13pm Down Home Girl by Arlen Roth/Jerry Jemmott on Super Soul Session! (Blue Heart Records)
  • 10:17pm Write Me a Few of Your Lines by Hudspeth & Taylor on Ridin' the Blinds (Hudspeth and Taylor)
  • 10:20pm Rock the House by Skyla Burrell on Broken 45's (Skyla Burrell)
  • 10:24pm by on ( )
  • 10:27pm Blow Wind Blow by Mike Guldin on The Franklin Sessions (ORCHARD - Blue Heart Records)
  • 10:32pm Which Way The Cold Wind Blows (feat. Kevin Selfe) feat. Kevin Selfe by Pat McDougall on In the Key of Sorry (Mousetrap Music)
  • 10:37pm by on ( )
  • 10:38pm I’m Still Breathin’ by Brad Wilson on I'm Feeling Blue (Cali Bee Music Inc.)
  • 10:42pm by on ( )
  • 10:45pm East Side Hop by Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones on Groovin' at the Groove Now! (MERLIN - ENDLESS BLUES)
  • 10:50pm Yes I Am by Gráinne Duffy on Dirt Woman Blues (ORCHARD - Blue Heart Records)
  • 10:54pm Highway 69 by Nigel Mack on Back in Style (Blues Attack Records)
  • 10:58pm by on ( )
  • 11:00pm Gypsy Soul by Jennifer Lyn & the Groove Revival on Gypsy Soul (J & R Collective, LLC)
  • 11:04pm I Feel so Bad by Larry Taylor/The Taylor Family/The Soul Blues Healers on Generations of Blues: West Side Legacy (Nola Blue Records)
  • 11:08pm Traveling Woman by Lady Adrena on Traveling Woman (DISTROKID - Sweet Success Records LLC)
  • 11:12pm by on ( )
  • 11:15pm Trouble by Tony Holiday on Motel Mississippi (MERLIN - Forty Below Records)
  • 11:26pm Texas Drought by Lone Star Mojo on Rough Around the Edges (Lone Star Mojo)
  • 11:29pm Craypaper Wrapper by Blue Dot Sessions on Nursery (Blue Dot Studios)
  • 11:30pm by on ( )
  • 11:31pm Code 9 by The Halley DeVestern Band on Fabbo Boffo Smasho (The Halley DeVestern Band)
  • 11:36pm by on ( )
  • 11:37pm Walk Away My Blues by Dyer Davis on Dog Bites Back (WildRoots Records)
  • 11:42pm I'll Take You There by Rory Block on Ain't Nobody Worried (Stony Plain Records)
  • 11:45pm by on ( )
  • 11:48pm I'm the Man Down There by Lil Jimmy Reed on Back to Baton Rouge (ORCHARD - Nola Blue Records)
  • 11:51pm '68 Coupe Deville by Jeremiah Johnson on Hi-Fi Drive By (ORCHARD - Ruf Records GmbH)
  • 11:57pm by on ( )
  • 11:58pm Diamond Joe by Michael Jerome Browne on Gettin' Together (Borealis Records)
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