June 2, 2023: Democratic Action toward Social Justice with David Welch, City Council & Municipal Budget Update with Addison Winslow

Bryce Goldstein interviews local progressives David Welch and Addison Winslow.

David Welch, retired nurse and union organizer, is now chair of Democratic Action club of Chico (DACC) and secretary of the Butte County Democratic Party. David shares information about the local democratic party's efforts to promote social justice by countering right-wing efforts to strip LGBTQIA2S+ people of their rights, as well as a recap of the State Democratic Party Convention.

Councilmember Addison Winslow shares an update on upcoming City Council agenda items: the City of Chico's municipal budget and allocation of Measure H sales tax revenue, and a request to consider applying for a State pro-housing designation for Chico. 

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