November 25, 2022: Natalie Hanson: Plight of Marginalized Populations in Chico; Veterinarian Dr. Crystal Heath: Plight of the Thanksgiving Turkey; Prof. Natasha Iskandar (Chris Nelson): Qatar Migrant Labor Abuses

Journalist Natalie Hanson joins host Robert Jones to discuss her three recent pieces at ChicoSol connected by a focus on marginalized populations in Chico. (30m)

Then Robert is in conversation with Dr. Crystal Heath, DVM, founder of Our Honor, about the plight of the Thanksgiving turkey. (30m)

Then Chris Nelson repsrises her March 2022 interview with Prof. Natasha Iskander about migrant labor abuses in Qatar and her most recent book, Does Skill Make Us Human?: Migrant Workers in 21st Century Qatar and Beyond. (30m)

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