February 4, 2022- 11:30 Beau Grosscup (NATO), Noon Rebecca Gordon (Autonomous weapons), Justina J. Sotela (Stonewall Alliance)

11:30 Global Day of Action. 2/5/2022 Chico Peace Vigil 3rd and Main Sts, Chico. 12:30-1:30. 

Tell Them What you Want (White on Black in Camelot, Miami U. you tube 2/9) 

12 www.mainstreamingtorture.org , www.voxpopulisphere.com/tag/rebecca-gordon



12:30 QTPOC Direct Aid Fund c/o www.stonewallchico.org or 530-893-3336 

2/7 Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. 

Black History Month Parking Lot Pop Up Event- 2-5, 10am-2pm, corner Orient and 6th Sts. 

  • 12:51pm Härter als Krebs by MC Toasta on Der GangBanker (iMD-MICCHECK REC)
  • 12:51pm The Rape of the World by Tracy Chapman on New Beginning ( )
  • 12:52pm by on ( )
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