November 19, 2021

  • 10:09pm The Jamster by Northern Cree on Stay Red ( )
  • 10:12pm by on ( )
  • 10:15pm Summoning Winds by Jessita Reyes on Healers of the Flute (ORCHARD - 80-Minutes of Music/Talking Taco Music)
  • 10:16pm by on ( )
  • 10:20pm What Made the Red Man Red Live (Live) by Frank Waln on Live on Indigenous Peoples Day (FDW Entertainment)
  • 10:20pm by on ( )
  • 10:28pm The Spirits Return by Newdays on Italia Lounge - Vol. 1 (ITALO ZONE)
  • 10:28pm by on ( )
  • 10:34pm Intro by Tolteka on Reflexiones En Yangna Califaztlan (A.I.Music)
  • 10:35pm Messcan Merican by Edgar Sosa on Messcan Merican (Bm$)
  • 10:36pm J' entend une mélodie by Uzitalri on Trenches Stories - The Collection (Casa Phonk Music)
  • 10:36pm Lo Siento (feat. Michelle) by Delinquent Habits on Dos Mundos Dos Lenguas (Bum Rap Productions)
  • 10:37pm Baladas Romanticas by Musica Romantica De Oro on Baladas Romanticas ( )
  • 10:37pm Chingones (feat. Amenaza) by Luis Perez Sozay on Mexican Hardhittaz, Vol. 2 (Hollow Point Enterprises)
  • 10:38pm by on ( )
  • 10:39pm Shotgun by Jr. Walker & The All Stars on The Motown Story (Universal Music)
  • 10:42pm by on ( )
  • 10:44pm The World Is A Ghetto by War on Best Of (Avenue Records/UMe)
  • 10:48pm As I Sit Here by Various Artists on Lowrider Oldies ( )
  • 10:50pm by on ( )
  • 10:50pm MY BAE GOT IT by The Pineears on SOUL ON LOOP (Pinee INC)
  • 10:51pm by on ( )
  • 10:52pm Night Owl by Tony Allen & the Champs on Doo Wop Dynamite - A Vocal Spectacular (K-Tel)
  • 10:55pm My Dearest Darling by Etta James on Something´s Got a Hold on Me (BELIEVE - Mojo Workin')
  • 10:58pm by on ( )
  • 11:04pm Obama Been Lying by Emily Rugburn on B-Boycott (733189 Records DK)
  • 11:04pm Hypnotized by Linda Jones on Hypnotized (WMG - Warner Catalog and O/H)
  • 11:07pm Hello Stranger by Barbara Lewis on Women Of R&B (MERLIN - Blue Lagoon)
  • 11:09pm I Found a Love by Wilson Pickett on Roots of Soul 1928-1962 (Fremeaux Heritage)
  • 11:12pm by on ( )
  • 11:20pm Selfish One by Jackie Ross on Chess Soul: A Decade Of Chicago’s Finest (GEFFEN)
  • 11:23pm Tonite Tonite by The Mello Kings on Old School Oldies 2 (Vintage Jukebox)
  • 11:26pm Forever by The Marvelettes on Deliver: The Singles 1961-1971 (UMG - UNI/MOTOWN)
  • 11:28pm by on ( )
  • 11:28pm I Want You Back by Trish Toledo on Dedicated to the Ones I Love, Vol. 2 (ORCHARD - Silent Giant Entertainment)
  • 11:32pm I Really Love You by Dee Dee Sharp on The Best Of Dee Dee Sharp 1962-1966 (UMG - ABKCO Music and Records, Inc.)
  • 11:35pm by on ( )
  • 11:40pm I'm Gone by Shirley & Lee on 100 Chart Toppers of 1953 ( )
  • 11:42pm by on ( )
  • 11:46pm You Beat Me to the Punch by Mary Wells on Queens of Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 2 (Ideal Music)
  • 11:49pm by on ( )
  • 11:54pm The Streets by Mr. Lil One on Mr. Lil One's Greatest Hits (MERLIN - PR Records Inc.)
  • 11:57pm by on ( )
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