November 3, 2021

  • 9:03am Now Westlin Winds by Jim Malcolm on Acquaintance (Beltane Records)
  • 9:08am The Hill of Thieves by Cara Dillon on Rough Guide To Celtic Women (MERLIN - World Music)
  • 9:12am by on ( )
  • 9:18am The Rolling Waves/The Market Town/Scatter The Mud by Kevin Burke and Mícheál O'Domhnaill on Portland (ORCHARD - Green Linnet)
  • 9:22am Roger The Miller by Karan Casey on Songlines ( )
  • 9:26am by on ( )
  • 9:34am Serenade by Mick McAuley & Winifred Horan on Serenade (Compass Records)
  • 9:35am by on ( )
  • 9:38am Bonny Woodhall by Andy Irvine on Andy Irvine and Paul Brady (Green Linnet)
  • 9:42am by on ( )
  • 9:49am The Meeting Place/The Wild Irishman/The Ivy Leaf by Chulrua on The Singing Kettle (Shanachie)
  • 9:50am by on ( )
  • 9:52am Sad Gypsy by Sean Tyrrell on Walker of the Snow (MondoTunes)
  • 9:56am by on ( )
  • 10:08am Hustlin' by John Craigie on Asterisk the Universe (Zabriskie Point Records)
  • 10:12am by on ( )
  • 10:19am The Miller Of Drohan by Lúnasa on Otherworld (ORCHARD - Green Linnet)
  • 10:22am by on ( )
  • 10:32am Your Pretty Smile by Damien Dempsey on It's All Good: The Best of Damien Dempsey (MERLIN - Good Deeds Music)
  • 10:36am The Blackthorn Stick / The Rakes of Kildare / The Rocks of Penrhyn by e2k on Shift (MERLIN - Topic)
  • 10:42am Fair and Tender Ladies by e2k on Shift (MERLIN - Topic)
  • 10:45am Caravan (1999 Remaster) by Van Morrison on Caravan (1999 Remaster) (WMG - Warner Rhino Off Roster-Audio)
  • 10:50am by on ( )
  • 10:53am The Sporting Pitchfork / The Diplodocus / Carlie Mulvill's (Jigs) by Alan Kelly & John Kelly on Fourmilehouse (Compass Records)
  • 10:57am by on ( )
  • 10:58am Bullet (Atlas Space Odyssey) by Fluke on Bullet (UMG - Virgin Catalogue)
  • 10:58am by on ( )
  • 11:02am The Fairest Of All Yarrow by Kate Rusby on Sleepless (Compass Records)
  • 11:04am by on ( )
  • 11:05am Mormond Braes / Charles Sutherland by Old Blind Dogs on Naciones Celtas II, Camino de las estrellas (Andrius & Rospi Digital)
  • 11:08am Malcolm Ferguson / Finbar Saunders by Old Blind Dogs on Legacy (Lochshore)
  • 11:12am by on ( )
  • 11:14am Curly Mike and Miss Campbells's by Liz Garroll & Tommy Maguire on Kiss Me Kate (Shanachie)
  • 11:18am Sally Free And Easy by Pauline Scanlon on Red Colour Sun (UMG - RMG Digital Ltd)
  • 11:22am Norwegian Wood by Tim O'Brien on Two Journeys (UMG - Sugar Hill Records)
  • 11:26am Tom Morrison's/The Beare Island Reel/George White's Favourite/Dipping The Sheep by Kevin Burke and Mícheál O'Domhnaill on Portland (ORCHARD - Green Linnet)
  • 11:29am by on ( )
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