Thursday October 7, 2021 -- The premier of the Boomba show and Introducing Covering Ground Farm

The Boomba show show was created and produced by 9-year-old Ave and 11-year-old Sofia. And what a job they did. Kudos all around.

Introducing Covering Ground Farm in Chico, California. CGF is an all organic regenerative farm realized by Paul Prather, owner and chief architect. Our introductory segment features interviews on Covering Ground Farm in August and September with Paul Prather and Jared Geiser, a local AG expert and farmer who shares his extensive knowledge about mulching. 

Listen to the Covering Ground segment as a podcast  

00:00 -- 01:17 Show Introductions

01:17 -- 02:16 Lead-in for the Boomba show

2:16 -- 06:57 Ave, Sofia, Sabrina (their mom) and Alex Kokinakas on air in Jan-2017

06:57 -- 37:12 The premier of the Boomba show

37:12 -- 38:16 Underwriter

38:16 -- 38:47 Lead-In for the Covering Ground Segment

38:47 -- 42:08 Farm Life by Colt Ford

42:08 -- 55:34 Covering Ground Farm with Paul Prather and Jared Geiser

55:34 -- 56:56 Underwriter

56:56 -- 57:54 Show wrap-up

57:54 -- 60:00 Flow by Jim Brobeck

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  • 6:09pm INFERNO by Sub Urban on INFERNO (WMG - Warner Records Label)
  • 6:11pm The Room Where It Happens by Lin-Manuel Miranda on Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (Atlantic Records)
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  • 6:20pm GRRRLS by Aviva on GRRRLS (Independent)
  • 6:24pm Meet Me At Our Spot by THE ANXIETY on THE ANXIETY (UMG - MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records, LLC)
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  • 6:30pm It's Been So Long by The Living Tombstone on It's Been So Long (The Living Tombstone)
  • 6:33pm The Family Jewels by MARINA on The Family Jewels (WMG - East West Records UK Ltd)
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  • 6:38pm Happy Place by THOMAS. on Deluxe X Beats (MERLIN - Independent)
  • 6:38pm Farm Life (feat. Justin Moore) by Colt Ford on Thanks for Listening (Average Joes Entertainment)
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  • 6:57pm Omega by Echo Mensa on Rift (ECHO MENSA)
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