Episode 212: Melted Wax

Fresh from attending the lovely Closer PDX electronic music festival in Portland followed by a week of temperate rain forest relaxation, I arrived back in Chico's mind-melting inferno today to put together this show. Concerned for my trove of heat-sensitive vinyl, I played almost all wax tonight, in case they should melt in my car on the way home from the show. 

Special shout out to my many gay friends - this weekend belongs to you, and the track I played by San Francisco's beloved and late synth-disco wunderkind Patrick Cowley is dedicated to your/our victory. 


The Clash - "radio clash (dub)" 

Stranger - "Mysteries Mixer" on Grayhound Recordings 

Gary's Gang - "Do It At the Disco (Alkalino Edit)" 

Shirley Lites - "Heat You Up (Melt You Down) (Instrumental)" on West End Records 

Peter Brown - "Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?" on T.K. Disco 

Deee-Lite - "Picnic In the Summertime" on Elektra 0591 

Spektrum - "Interference (Radio Edit)" on Nonstop 

The Pimps of Joytime - "H20 (DJ Smash Remix)" on Wonderwheel Recordings 

Rockers Hi-Fi - "Push Push" on Universal-Island Records Ltd. 

Ivan Dbri - "Us (Daxophonics Remix)" on 530Techno 

Wagon Christ - "Breakage No. 2" on Personal 

Meat Beat Manifesto - "Now (Remix)" on mute 

Scorn - "Sleep When Home (Colin) (Beat Mix)" on Hymen Records 

Woulg - "End" 

Seph - "Log 2" on Dumb Unit 

KiloWatts - "End of Year (Pointbender Remix)" on Harmonious Dischord 

Space - "Magic Fly" on Repertoire Records 

The Twins - "The Desert Place" on Siamese 

Patrick Cowley - "Menergy" on Fusion Records 

Torch Song - "Can't Find My Way Home" on I.R.S. Records 

John Tejada - "Radio Channel" on Kompakt 

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