Thursday January, 7, 2021 -- A Without a Roof special segment: Interviews with destitute campers, an interview with ChicoER reporter Natalie Hanson, with musical guest Webster Moore and MORE!

Tune to KZFR 90.1FM @6pm Thursday January 7th for a special Without a Roof segment. It's a fast paced and hard hitting expose featuring a near mirror of the houseless interviews Natalie Hanson-Ross captured for her Sunday ChicoER article titled "Homeless in Chico, campers await orders to leave Bidwell Park." Featuring on location interviews with houseless campers, samaritans giving out money on New Years Day, and comments and insights from Addison Winslow and Lincoln who have been providing mutual aid support to the houseless since the pandemic started. An interview with Hanson concludes the Without a Roof segment as we discuss the dire situation for the houseless, including domestic violence and the prevalence of abuse and assaults against woman, indoors and out.

With muscial guest Webster Moore, a sneak peek #TheTriumphOfJoy snippet with Kizmo Macoubrie, a local writer, voice over artist and video producer, and Amanda BossHeart with the deets on OM Foods TM new "Pay it Forward" meal program. Streaming live at

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